The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Product Finder provides a real-time list of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED products in a variety of categories. Certified products provide the best user experience and carry the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo, ensuring products meet industry-agreed requirements for interoperability, security, and reliability.

Choosing Wi-Fi CERTIFIED products enables you to mix and match devices from different manufacturers without worry. All Wi-Fi CERTIFIED products deliver interoperability and industry-standard security. Our optional certification programs validate optional features such as easy setup methods, peer-to-peer operation, and screen mirroring.

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This listing represents all Wi-Fi Alliance authorized Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ products. Sample certificate.

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Note: Please be aware that some Wi-Fi CERTIFIED products may not be shown due to vendor listing preferences. Products listed may not be available in all geographies or distribution channels. Please confirm availability with your manufacturer or distributor. Only active member products are displayed.