Industry Collaboration

CableLabs®- Exchange information on Passpoint and other certification programs, discuss collaboration on service delivery programs

Car Connectivity Consortium - Discussion of technology solutions in automotive wireless display domain

China Communications Standards Association - Memo of Understanding to share information related to WLAN system interoperability

CTIA - The Wireless Association® - A partnership agreement with Wi-Fi Alliance to develop and promote certification programs for overlapping aspects of converged Wi-Fi/mobile handsets

Electronics Communication Committee of the CEPT - Exchange of information and agreement to seek compatible approaches concerning the use of radio frequencies

Global Certification Forum - Promote end-to-end solution for a cellular interworking to WLAN systems

GSM® Association - Sharing of information and cooperation on activities intended to enhance the use and support of Wi-Fi in mobile devices

Japan Automotive Software Platform and Architecture (JasPar) - Address automotive connectivity use cases and aid awareness in the automotive industry about Wi-Fi industry developments

NFC Forum - Exchange information and approved documents, promote interoperability, and cooperate and promote as mutually agreed

OmniAir Consortium - Exchange information on dedicated short range communications for connected vehicles

SAE International - Discussion of technology solutions for Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) connectivity

USB-IF - Exchange of information regarding certification program interoperability requirements, USB-IF Media-Agnostic Specification and testing and certification models to enable Wi-Fi serial bus use cases

Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) - Certification of WDE products, PR, joint events

Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) - Collaboration on Wi-Fi roaming and Wi-Fi specific services

Wireless LAN Business Promotion Association (Wi-Biz) - For the promotion of Wi-Fi technology and applications in the Japanese market