ANSI World Standards Week 2022

October 10, 2022 to October 13, 2022

Washington, DC and Virtual

On October 12, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) will host the Evolving Standardization Landscape Summit in Washington, DC. Hosted by ANSI’s Joint Member Forum, this World Standards Week event presents an opportunity for the broader standardization community—including consortia— to provide input into an ANSI Board-driven initiative examining the challenges and opportunities presented by the evolving standards landscape.

Perhaps at no time in the past has the standards development landscape been evolving at a faster pace. Work is ongoing in formal consensus bodies, treaty organizations, consortia, fora, as well as within open-source foundations developing standards and standards organizations developing open-source software. The pace of change in emerging technology areas is moving at an ever-increasing rate as well. There are a larger number of global players – both government and private sector – actively engaged in standards processes as well, resulting in increased attention to standards development practices, policies, and participation. These forces pose real challenges for U.S. interests and call out for a coordinated response. In this Summit, ANSI hopes to bring together representatives from all interested stakeholder groups to share their unique insights and together discuss the best way forward.

Following a keynote from Under Secretary of Commerce and NIST Director Dr. Laurie Locascio, participants will share, discuss, and recommend actions that should be taken by ANSI and the U.S. standardization community to further enhance U.S. engagement and leadership in standardization. Topics will include:

  1. Standards education and training to enhance participation and leadership within national and international standards organizations, while building a standards literate workforce
  2. Techniques to coalesce diverse stakeholder groups to address standards-related challenges
  3. Actions to address the politicization of standards processes
  4. Messages and tools to communicate the importance of standards and participation in standards development

With both in-person and virtual options available, please register for this free event that will help to shape the future of standardization.

The agenda is forthcoming; additional details follow:

Evolving Standardization Landscape Summit

HYBRID EVENT: Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center and Zoom

  • Networking hour: 9 am – 10 am ET (in person)
  • Morning session: 10 am – 12 pm ET (hybrid)
  • Afternoon session: 1:15 pm – 3 pm ET (hybrid)

Please note that ANSI’s Annual Business Meeting Luncheon will also take place from 12:00 – 1:15 pm ET. Separate registration for this event is available. ANSI chair Phil Piqueira and ANSI president and CEO Joe Bhatia will share highlights of the Federation’s accomplishments, and activities on the horizon to support the community's efforts to build for the future.

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