20 Years of Wi-Fi

2019 marks #20yearsofwifi and Wi-Fi Alliance® is celebrating two decades of connecting people and improving everyday lives through Wi-Fi®.

Wi-Fi’s inherent strengths and Wi-Fi Alliance commitment to interoperability, security, ease of use, and innovation have made Wi-Fi one of the greatest success stories of the technology era. Wi-Fi Alliance has driven the success of Wi-Fi through thought leadership, spectrum advocacy, and global collaboration for twenty years, and is positioned to lead the industry through many more decades of Wi-Fi success.

Now more than ever Wi-Fi Alliance is closer to delivering its vision of connecting everyone and everything, everywhere. We continue our constant collaboration, evolution, and development of technologies and certification programs that help Wi-Fi devices deliver reliable, secure, positive user experiences now and for future generations.

Connecting everyone and everything, everywhere

The newest generation of Wi-Fi connectivity is here, with Wi-Fi 6 as the foundation and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WPA3™ providing the latest security protections. Wi-Fi Alliance already delivers a host of connectivity use cases for the future and is diligently working to ensure Wi-Fi success in new and emerging uses.

  • New frequency bands: Further work in the 60 GHz band will deliver multi-gigabit speeds for bandwidth intensive applications, and the opening of the 6 GHz band to Wi-Fi in markets around the globe will ensure quality of service as Wi-Fi expands into an even wider variety of device types and uses.
  • Convenience and ease of use: Wi-Fi Alliance continually updates programs that carriers and service providers benefit from to delight their customers. Making roaming more secure and efficient, ensuring full coverage in the home, and helping operators improve Wi-Fi network management for their customers will continually improve user experiences.
  • Enabling more efficient network operation: Wi-Fi benefits carriers today through cellular offloading and will become even more important in operator networks – complementing 5G deployments – to support advanced use cases and increasing mobile data traffic. Wi-Fi enables the expansion of networks and represents the “last 100 feet” of end-to-end connectivity.


  • Celebrating 20 Years of Wi-Fi