Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ TDLS: Easy-to-Use, Security-Protected Direct Links to Improve Performance of Wi-Fi® Devices (2012)

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ TDLS, or Tunneled Direct Link Setup, is a certification program for devices implementing technology enabling them to connect directly to one another after they have joined a traditional Wi-Fi® network.  Products bearing the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED TDLS designation can set up secure links with each other and transfer data directly between them.  TVs, smartphones, cameras, printers, PCs, projectors, and gaming devices, for example, will be able to connect directly to each other to transfer content and share applications quickly and easily.

The establishment of direct links between TDLS-certified devices requires no user intervention. Wi-Fi TDLS products are based upon the IEEE 802.11z standard amendment.  They have been tested and certified for this technology in addition to core interoperability and current-generation WPA2™ security.

In the home and enterprise environments, TDLS technology greatly enhances the efficiency of communication between different devices in a network, such as streaming (video and audio), data migration and data backup.


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