Wi-Fi CERTIFIED TimeSync™ Technology Overview (2017)

This paper introduces Wi-Fi CERTIFIED TimeSync™, a Wi-Fi Alliance® certification program that ensures precise timing synchronization between devices to deliver high quality output. Based on IEEE specification 802.11-2016, Wi-Fi TimeSync™ addresses the immediate market needs for applications requiring device-to-device time synchronization. The most common use case for precisely synchronized devices is the audio system with multiple speakers, where audio is precisely timed to output to the correct speaker at an exact time, but there are many other uses for this technology. The following market segments and applications are among those that will benefit from Wi-Fi TimeSync certification:

Consumer: Mobile computing, gaming

Entertainment: Multimedia, multi-channel audio

Industrial: Sensor networks, fire-control and building safety, industrial automation

Automotive: In-cabin multimedia, gaming, driver assistance (side and rear cameras)

Enterprise: Screen sharing for presentations, wireless docking

Healthcare: Asset tracking, patient monitoring and wearables, diagnostics

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