Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Voice-Enterprise: Delivering Wi-Fi® voice to the enterprise (2012)

The proliferation of Wi-Fi networks, along with voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technologies, has fueled explosive growth in the number and variety of voice-enabled handheld devices. As proponents of this growth, the Wi-Fi Alliance has taken the leadership role by creating certification programs for voice over Wi-Fi that meets both the interoperability and performance requirements necessary for an acceptable end-user experience.

The Wi‑Fi CERTIFIED Voice‑Enterprise program defines the requirements necessary to deliver enterprise-grade voice quality, mobility, power saving and security.  The certification program facilitates multi-vendor solutions across a range of Wi-Fi-enabled devices with enterprise-class WLAN infrastructure. The Wi-Fi Voice-Enterprise program establishes industry-wide interoperability, enterprise-grade performance, and security requirements. Products must meet rigorous protocol adherence and performance metric testing to achieve Wi-Fi Voice-Enterprise certification.

The Wi-Fi Voice-Enterprise certification program extends the functionality of Wi-Fi to provide full support for voice applications in enterprise environments, Wi-Fi Voice‑Enterprise certification testing adds support for mobility within large Wi-Fi networks. It leverages the Wi‑Fi MultimediaTM (WMM®), WMM-Power Save, and WMM-Admission Control certification programs for quality of service (QoS) and the advanced security provided by Wi-Fi Protected Access® 2 (WPA2) Enterprise.

With Wi-Fi Voice-Enterprise devices and access points, IT managers can be confident that   multi-vendor solutions will deliver good voice performance even in the most complex Wi-Fi networks.

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