Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ for WMM®-Power Save: Support for Advanced Power Save for Mobile and Portable Devices in Wi-Fi® Networks (2005)

Wi-Fi mobile devices require advanced power-save mechanisms to offer a rich user experience for voice, audio, and video applications. WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia) Power Save extends the battery life of Wi-Fi devices by increasing the efficiency and flexibility of data transmission. It is an addition to WMM, the technology that enables Quality of Service (QoS) functionality in Wi-Fi networks by prioritizing traffic from different applications. WMM-Power Save has been optimized for mobile devices running latency-sensitive applications such as voice, audio, or video, but can benefit any Wi-Fi device. WMM-Power Save uses mechanisms included in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.11e amendment and is an enhancement of IEEE 802.11 legacy power save, which was designed for data applications. With WMM-Power Save, the same amount of data can be transmitted in a shorter time and using fewer frames, while allowing the Wi-Fi device to remain longer in a low-power, "dozing" state.

The Wi-Fi Alliance has announced a new certification program for WMM-Power Save driven by the market demand for converged Wi-Fi mobile devices that support voice applications. Certification started in December 2005 and is open to any Wi-Fi device certified for WMM. WMM-Power Save certification indicates interoperability across vendors. Furthermore, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ for WMM-Power Save devices will be able to operate in any Wi-Fi network and coexist with 802.11 legacy power-save mechanisms. To take advantage of WMM-Power Save functionality, both the Wi-Fi client and the access point need to be Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ for WMM-Power Save. In addition, applications need to support WMM-Power Save to inform the client of the requirements of the traffic they generate. This provides additional flexibility and efficiency in managing network and power resources.

The battery life enhancements that WMM-Power Save brings pave the way to a wide-scale adoption of Wi-Fi in mobile devices. To take advantage of this market opportunity, it is crucial for mobile device manufacturers, access point manufacturers and developers of latency-sensitive applications to understand the functionality that WMM-Power Save offers and to support it in their products. 

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