Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ makes it Wi-Fi®: What Retailers Need to Know (2009)

Wi-Fi is a remarkable success story. The technology continues to take the wireless industry by storm and exceed expectations. End users have shown strong loyalty to Wi‑Fi and Wi‑Fi CERTIFIED. The Wi‑Fi CERTIFIED program, developed and managed by the Wi‑Fi Alliance, tests new products in thirteen independent Authorized Test Laboratories worldwide. To date, more than 6,000 Wi-Fi CERTIFIED product certifications have been completed. Wi‑Fi CERTIFIED testing brings interoperability across manufacturers, strong security, a great user experience, and reduced support costs and product returns.

The industry is ready to bring to market new Wi-Fi CERTIFIED n products based on the IEEE 802.11n standard that will provide dramatically improved throughput and range, and support an even wider array of applications. As Wi-Fi technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, consumers can rely on Wi-Fi CERTIFIED to identify products that will deliver the best user experience.

This paper addresses some of the most frequent questions asked by retailers about Wi‑Fi CERTIFIED, such as the advantages certification brings to retailers and their customers, what is included in certification, how certification programs will evolve, and how retailers and consumers can easily find Wi‑Fi CERTIFIED products by looking for the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo and searching online at http://www.wi-fi.org/.

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