Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ n: Longer-Range, Faster-Throughput, Multimedia-Grade Wi-Fi® Networks (2009)

The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED n interoperability test program certifies products based on the 802.11n amendment to the IEEE 802.11 standard (802.11n). 802.11n is the latest step in the evolution of Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) technology.  This paper provides an overview of 802.11n technology and describes the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED n program in detail.

The 802.11n amendment introduces substantial enhancements in Wi-Fi performance. Today's Wi-Fi CERTIFIED n devices can deliver five times or more throughput and more robust connections at up to twice the range of legacy 802.11 technology. This improved performance is available today in a broad and growing range of products addressing diverse market requirements. As manufacturers incorporate key 802.11n capabilities into their products, the full potential of 802.11n will become evident. Fully featured Wi-Fi CERTIFIED n products have the ability to transport high-definition (HD) video streams through the house, while at the same time accommodating Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) streams and data transfers for multiple users with high Quality of Service (QoS). Wi-Fi CERTIFIED n devices also have the latest generation security protections. In enterprise, campus and municipal networks, 802.11n offers the robustness, throughput, security and QoS capabilities that IT managers seek.

The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED n program is an update to the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 802.11n draft 2.0 program which was released in June 2007 (draft-n program). The baseline requirements of the program are unchanged, and the updated program adds support for some optional features included in the standard. The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED n program preserves interoperability with more than 700 products certified under the draft-n program, including computers, consumer electronics such as televisions and media servers, and consumer networking devices. The success of the draft-n program extended deeply into the enterprise segment, with more than 100 enterprise-grade access point/switch devices certified. Since all products certified under the draft-n program meet the core requirements of, and interoperate with, the updated program, they are eligible to use the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED n logo without retesting.

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