Connect your life: Wi-Fi® and the Internet of Everything (2014)

The technology world is moving beyond connected computing and entertainment devices.  We are now entering the Internet of Everything era. With boundless potential to drive economic growth and improve people’s lives worldwide, the Internet of Everything is one of the most exciting developments in our history, and it is still in its infancy.

Long the networking technology of choice, Wi-Fi® will be a key enabler of the Internet of Everything. Wi-Fi connects things to one another and links those objects back to the user-facing devices people already use to enjoy and manage their lives. As the pace of innovation in electronics continues to accelerate, and as the universe of connected devices explodes, Wi-Fi will become more useful than ever.

For the Internet of Everything to realize its tremendous potential, a number of disparate elements must come together in a powerful symphony. Wi-Fi technology will provide a foundation for innovation and enable the network effects upon which a fully-realized Internet of Everything depends. If this sounds familiar, it is exactly the kind of phenomenon that has made Wi-Fi the tremendous success story it is today.

This paper takes a closer look at the unique and compelling value Wi-Fi already brings to connect things to one another, to the Internet, and to the user-facing devices that will enable human interaction with the Internet of Everything. It reviews consumer market data about readiness to adopt Internet of Everything devices and applications. Finally, the paper explores what lies ahead for Wi-Fi technology – continued innovation to address advanced usages and help unlock the full potential of the Internet of Everything.

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