Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac certified products


  • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac: dual-band, interoperable, high-performance Wi-Fi®
  • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast™: Your Content - Now Showing on Screens Everywhere

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of MU-MIMO?

MU-MIMO is an innovative breakthrough that enables simultaneous communication to multiple devices, improving overall speed and enabling network multitasking.

How can I upgrade my device to use wave 2 features?

Upgrading devices to use wave 2 features is implementation dependent. Some devices can be upgraded through software, but most will require new hardware.

What performance advances are enabled by Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac?

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac enables higher data rates, higher capacity and lower latency.  Products implementing the technology behind Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac with wave 2 features are capable of multi-gigabit data rates– nearly triple that of devices implementing only wave 1 features.

What new applications are enabled with Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac?

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac handles today’s demanding applications and paves the way for new applications in the future.  Certified-ac devices are more robust and offer a greater user experience including:

  • Transferring an HD movie to a tablet in under 4 minutes
  • Sharing photo albums with friends in seconds
  • Streaming three HD quality videos at one time

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac devices also improve wireless performance in the enterprise in the following ways:

  • Enhanced user experience for teleconference meetings
  • Delivering greater in-office networking coverage – more clients for the same number of APs per office area
  • Projecting graphics, video and audio to a large screen in a conference room or auditorium

Are Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac devices dual-band?

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac operates in the 5 GHz band, but devices support the 2.4 GHz band by integrating Wi-Fi CERTIFIED n.  Dual-band devices switch between the more crowded but popular 2.4 GHz frequency band, to the cleaner 5 GHz frequency band to connect more demanding applications and avoid interference from other devices.

Is Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac interoperable with previous versions of Wi-Fi?

As with all Wi-Fi CERTIFIED devices, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac products are tested to ensure interoperability with legacy Wi-Fi CERTIFIED products. Products must operate in the same frequency band in order to connect.

How does Wi-Fi Alliance help ensure product compatibility and a good user experience for certified products?

Compatibility and quality are achieved through testing of Wi-Fi products. Consumers should always look for the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo to ensure the best user experience possible.

What is WMM?

Wi-Fi Multimedia, represented by the acronym WMM, is related to Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WMM® programs. These optional certifications provide multimedia enhancements for Wi-Fi networks that improve the user experience for audio, video, and voice applications.