Wi-Fi Home Design single-family floor plans


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this program avoid interference from other nearby networks?

In multi-family residences, interference is minimized through channel assignments and optimization of transmission signal power during the design stage – prior to installation. Radio frequency analysis from room-to-room and unit-to-unit ensures maximum performance with minimal interference.


Why has Wi-Fi Alliance created a home certification?

Home Wi-Fi is a necessity. Builders are pre-installing Wi-Fi into new homes and internet service providers are ready to improve their home Wi-Fi offering. Wi-Fi Alliance worked with the home building community to create a program that ensures Wi-Fi installations provide homes and multi-family buildings with reliable, consistent coverage and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED equipment to provide a turnkey, high-performance Wi-Fi experience.


What types of homes are this certification for?

The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Home Design certification is for single-family detached homes and multi-family buildings, also known as multi-dwelling units, such as condominiums, townhomes, and apartment buildings.  The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Home Design certification may be submitted by a builder at the new construction phase or added by a service provider or network installer at a later date.


What is the process for getting a floor plan certified?

For builders and Wi-Fi network installers to certify their design offerings:

  • Join Wi-Fi Alliance. Members at the Contributor level may receive Wi-Fi Home Design certification.
  • Follow the Wi-Fi Home Design program guidelines, which are available to members.
  • Submit all required information to Wi-Fi Alliance.
  • Once all program requirements are met and verified, the vendor’s floor plan receives certification.

Please note:

  • For single-family homes, each floor plan receives a separate and unique certification based upon that plan meeting the program’s requirements. For multi-dwelling buildings, the entire building must meet Wi-Fi Home Design requirements.
  • Program guidelines require that the member collect and submit a package of information describing specific information about the home network design associated with each floor plan. Information includes, but is not limited to:
    • Number and type of access points to be deployed
    • Site survey of the entire floor plan
    • Equipment list, and other information as appropriate

Will my existing router work with a Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Home Design home?

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Home Design homes and multi-family residences contain pre-installed, high-performance Wi-Fi CERTIFIED APs. Wi-Fi Home Design plans integrate the most recent technology available to provide a successful Wi-Fi experience.