Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast


今日、消費者は自分のデバイスで幅広いマルチメディア コンテンツを利用しています。動画のストリーミングや写真の共有から様々なアプリケーションの世界まで、スマートフォンやタブレット、テレビが私たちをオンラインの世界につなぎ、エンターテインメントを提供します。ただし、一般的にこれらのコンテンツは決まったデバイス以外では利用できず、どこでも好きなときに楽しむことができないのが現状です。

使いやすいマルチベンダー ワイヤレス ディスプレイ

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast は、ケーブルやネットワーク接続などの必要なしに、異なるデバイス間でマルチメディアのシームレスな出力を実現する画期的なソリューションです。Miracastによって、ユーザーはたとえばスマートフォンから大画面テレビへ写真を出力したり、会議室のプロジェクタへラップトップ画面を出力してリアルタイムに情報を共有したり、テレビのライブ放送をタブレットで視聴したりすることが可能になります。Miracastの接続はWi-Fi CERTIFIED Wi-Fi Direct®によって確立されるので、Wi-Fi® ネットワークは必要ありません ―― 接続の仕組みはMiracast認定デバイス自体に内蔵されています。

Miracastは業界全体を網羅したソリューションなので、どのメーカーやブランドを使用しているのかに関係なく、異なるデバイス間で利用できます。Miracastでは各デバイスが最適な設定を自動的に選択するので、簡単に接続を設定し使い始められます。ブルーレイの映画やテレビのライブショー、スポーツ中継、その他の著作権が保護されているプレミアム コンテンツなど、Miracastは幅広いプレミアム コンテンツをサポートしているので、いつでもどこでも好きなコンテンツを楽しむことができます。

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I communicate using the Miracast trademark?

    The term “Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast®” designates products that have been certified by Wi-Fi Alliance, and is the commercial name for the certification program. The underlying specification or technology is called “Wi-Fi Alliance Wi-Fi Display Specification”. Only products which have completed and passed Wi-Fi certification to the Wi-Fi Display test plan may use the Miracast name. On second instance, you may refer to “Miracast” products (dropping the term Wi-Fi CERTIFIED). There is no special logo or visual indicator for Miracast.

  • Does Miracast support devices like wireless speakers? (audio only)

    Audio-only devices are not part of the Miracast certification program.

  • How does Miracast protect premium content?

    Miracast supports High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) 2.0/2.1. HDCP 2.x is a wireless adaptation of the same trusted content protection mechanisms widely used for cabled interfaces, providing diversity in premium content options. This feature is designed to protect the digital rights of content owners and to encourage their efforts to make their content available.

  • What formats does Miracast support?

    For video, Miracast supports the ITU-T H.264 video codec (AKA Advanced Video Coding [AVC]) for high-definition video.  It supports the Constrained Baseline Profile (CBP) and the Miracast-specific Constrained High Profile (CHP), at levels ranging from 3.1 to 4.2. Supported display resolutions include common Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) formats, Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) formats, and handheld formats.

    For audio, Miracast supports a number of Linear Pulse-Code Modulation (LPCM), Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), and Dolby Advanced Codec 3 (AC3) modes.

  • How is Miracast related to Wi-Fi Direct?

    Wi-Fi Direct allows devices to connect directly to each other, without the need for a Wi-Fi AP, and requiring just the push of a button, the entry of a PIN, or tapping two NFC-capable devices together. Wi-Fi Direct allows source and display devices to discover one another and provides the underlying device-to-device connectivity for Miracast. Miracast builds upon Wi-Fi Direct with mechanisms to negotiate video capabilities, setup content protection (if needed), stream content, and maintain the video session.

  • What features does Miracast certification test?

    Miracast certification testing ensures that devices interoperate across vendors, provide simplified discovery and setup, and implement content protections if premium content is supported. Miracast devices are also tested for implementation of WPA2™ security.

  • Must both the content source and display be Miracast devices?

    To enjoy Miracast, both the display and the source devices must be certified for Miracast. Miracast may be used on devices without embedded Wi-Fi through the use of a Miracast-certified adapter that supports an interface such as High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) or Universal Serial Bus (USB).

  • What types of equipment are tested?

    Miracast is an optional certification program for video-capable devices, such as TVs, handsets, tablets, laptops, over-the-top set-top boxes, cameras and projectors.

  • What is the difference between Miracast and Wi-Fi Display?

    Miracast is the brand for the certification program operated by Wi-Fi Alliance. Devices that pass this certification testing can be referred to as “Miracast devices”. Miracast certification is based on the Wi-Fi Alliance Wi-Fi Display Specification. This is the underlying technological specification developed by Wi-Fi Alliance members, and is copyrighted and owned by Wi-Fi Alliance.

  • How do I activate TDLS?

    Two Wi-Fi CERTIFIED TDLS devices will automatically form a direct connection after linking to the Wi-Fi network.  No user interaction is required.

  • What is the difference between TDLS and Wi-Fi Direct?

    TDLS operates in the background of a Wi-Fi network to optimize performance, while Wi-Fi Direct-certified devices can quickly connect to one another while on the go, even when a Wi-Fi network is unavailable.  Many devices will be certified for both solutions and use them in different situations.

  • What is Wi-Fi CERTIFIED TDLS?

    Wi-Fi CERTIFIED TDLS devices implement technology enabling them to link directly to one another when connected to a traditional Wi-Fi network.  Wi-Fi CERTIFIED TDLS devices can set up secure links and transfer data directly between them. TDLS-linked devices benefit from an optimized connection to do things such as streaming video or synching content, without burdening the network as a whole.

  • How does Wi-Fi Alliance help ensure product compatibility and a good user experience for certified products?

    Compatibility and quality are achieved through rigorous testing of Wi-Fi products. Consumers should always look for the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo to ensure the best user experience possible.


  • Are Wi-Fi CERTIFIED products protected by security?

    Yes. All Wi-Fi CERTIFIED products are tested for the latest generation of Wi-Fi security: WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2). The only way to be sure that product meets these standards is to only purchase Wi-Fi CERTIFIED products.