Wi-Fi 테스트 도구

Wi-Fi Alliance®는 QuickTrack과 FlexTrack 인증 경로를 위해 설계된 도구를 제공합니다. 이러한 도구는 회원이 제품을 인증하는 데 도움이 될 뿐만 아니라 회원 제품 개발 및 품질 보증 프로세스에 통합될 수 있습니다.

QuickTrack Test Tool

QuickTrack Test Tool에는 노트북과 같은 QuickTrack 하드웨어 플랫폼에서 실행되는 Wi-Fi Alliance에서 제공하는 QuickTrack 적합성 테스트 소프트웨어가 포함되어 있습니다. QuickTrack Test Tool은 이미 전체 Wi-Fi 기능 테스트를 완료한 적격 솔루션(상호운용성 및 적합성 테스트를 거친 모듈, 칩셋 및 솔루션 공급자가 개발한 기타 솔루션)을 기반으로 한 제품을 테스트하고 인증하도록 맞춤화되어 있습니다. 테스트는 ATL(Authorized Test Laboratory) 또는 회원 테스트 사이트에서 완료할 수 있습니다. 이 도구는 Wi-Fi Alliance 독점이며 회원 전용입니다.

QuickTrack Test Tool은 Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 인증을 획득하고 기기 설계가 업데이트될 때 정기적으로 품질 검사를 수행하기 위한 경제적인 테스트 플랫폼을 제공합니다. 회원은 품질 보증 프로세스에서 QuickTrack Test Tool을 실행하도록 선택할 수 있습니다.

Wi-Fi Test Suite

Wi-Fi Test Suite는 Wi-Fi Alliance에서 인증 프로그램 개발 및 기기 인증을 지원하기 위해 개발한 소프트웨어 플랫폼입니다. Wi-Fi Test Suite는 ATL에서 FlexTrack 인증 경로를 사용하는 Wi-Fi Alliance 회원의 제품 인증에 사용됩니다.

Wi-Fi Test Suite의 오픈소스 구성 요소는 Wi-Fi Alliance 상호운용성 및 품질을 발전시키는 데 도움이 되도록 일반에 제공됩니다. Wi-Fi Test Suite는 모든 유형의 독특하고 다양한 최첨단 기기에 적용 가능함으로써 기술 혁신을 수용합니다. Wi-Fi Alliance 회원과 비회원 모두 업계 표준 API 및 도구 세트를 사용하여 자체 내부 테스트를 수행할 수 있습니다. Wi-Fi Alliance 멤버십을 고려 중인 기업의 경우 Wi-Fi Test Suite로 개발되고 테스트된 제품은 회원 자격 취득 시 인증 획득 프로세스가 간소화됩니다.

비독점 구성 요소는 ISC 라이선스에 따라 제공되며 GitHub의 Wi-Fi Test Suite 오픈소스 프로젝트에서 액세스할 수 있습니다. 적격 Wi-Fi Alliance 회원은 Wi-Fi Alliance 회원 전용 사이트에서 독점 구성 요소를 포함한 전체 소프트웨어 패키지에 액세스할 수 있습니다.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the QuickTrack Test Tool?

The QuickTrack Test Tool consists of two components: the QuickTrack Test Tool platform and the QuickTrack Test Tool software. The QuickTrack Test Tool hardware is a testing platform that is used to run the QuickTrack Test Tool software, which is available to Wi-Fi Alliance members. The QuickTrack Test Tool software provides conformance testing based on Wi-Fi Alliance test plans using the QuickTrack certification path.

What can I do with the QuickTrack Test Tool?

The QuickTrack Test Tool can be used to conduct in-house conformance testing at the developer’s convenience. Those who choose to send products to an Authorized Test Laboratory (ATL) can also certify through the QuickTrack method. The tool can also be utilized in product development and quality assurance processes.

Who can use the QuickTrack Test Tool?

The QuickTrack methodology is available to Sponsor, Contributor, Affiliate, and Small Business Introductory Participant members. Members may use an ATL for this method or become a Member Conformance Test Laboratory (MCTL) and conduct QuickTrack testing in-house.

Which programs are eligible to use the QuickTrack Test Tool?

QuickTrack is available for select certification programs. Please visit the Certification page to see which programs may utilize QuickTrack.

What is Wi-Fi Test Suite?

Wi-Fi Test Suite is an integrated platform that automates testing Wi-Fi components or devices. Wi-Fi Test Suite provides the following services:

  • Configure - Automatically configure devices to execute test cases.
  • Traffic Generation - Generate traffic streams with specified parameters.
  • Test - Execute test scripts by controlling test bed device operation.
  • Results Analysis - Determine pass/fail results based on a given test case or script criteria.

Wi-Fi Test Suite accomplishes the services through the following components:

Control API (CAPI)

The Control API serves as the fundamental command language for device management, test configuration, and test execution within Wi-Fi Test Suite.

Unified CAPI Console (UCC)

The Unified CAPI Console provides the overall control console for Wi-Fi Test Suite. UCC can be downloaded through the open source repository or by members in the most recent Wi-Fi Test Suite package .

Control Agents

Control agents are a proxy in which a CAPI control command is converted for the device into the device’s native control interface. APs, DUTs, sniffers, and STAs may require control agents. Sample control agent code can be downloaded through the open source repository ( Windows or Linux ) or by members in the most recent Wi-Fi Test Suite package .


The sniffer captures and dissects wired and wireless frames, and performs packet analysis. Sniffer dissectors are available on Wireshark or, for Wi-Fi Alliance certification program specific dissectors, in the most recent Wi-Fi Test Suite package .

Traffic Generator

The traffic generator produces specific traffic on behalf of Test Bed STA, DUT, or PC Endpoint. Traffic generators are included in the open source repository ( Windows or Linux ) and in the most recent Wi-Fi Test Suite package .

PC Endpoint

The PC Endpoint generates network traffic in support of a particular test plan via the wired Test Network. PC Endpoint software is included in the Linux control agent code and in the most recent Wi-Fi Test Suite package .

Wi-Fi Alliance certification program test scripts

CAPI command scripts are the Wi-Fi Test Suite specific instantiations of Wi-Fi Alliance test plans. Wi-Fi Alliance certification program test scripts are only available to members in the most recent Wi-Fi Test Suite package .

What can I do with Wi-Fi Test Suite?

Wi-Fi Alliance members can use Wi-Fi Test Suite to automate Wi-Fi Alliance certification program testing.

Non-members can use Wi-Fi Test Suite to develop their own test cases using the industry standard API and tool set. Using Wi-Fi Test Suite eases the process for obtaining certification at a later time by seamlessly connecting into Wi-Fi Alliance program test beds.

Who can contribute to this project?

Both Wi-Fi Alliance members and non-members can contribute to the Wi-Fi Test Suite open source project. All code will be reviewed by the community maintainer, Wi-Fi Alliance. Please review the contribution agreement prior to submitting a pull request.

Who can use Wi-Fi Test Suite?

Eligible membership levels include: Contributor, Affiliate, Small Business Introductory Participant. The following membership levels are not eligible to use Wi-Fi Test Suite: Implementer, Small Business Introductory Implementer.

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