Membership in Wi-Fi Alliance® shows your business is engaged in the latest
Wi-Fi® technology developments. Joining Wi-Fi Alliance benefits your operations with access to expert knowledge as well as networking opportunities in a collaborative environment with hundreds of global experts. Your company can engage in leadership roles to help drive wireless technology advancements.

Which membership level is the best fit for my company?


For companies who want to drive the direction of the Wi-Fi industry and develop many Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ products

pro-rated by quarter for new members

  • Develop, test, and certify products
  • Participate and vote in Marketing, Technical, and Regulatory task groups
  • Monitor developing programs
  • Extend benefits to affiliated companies
    If a company is a subsidiary, division or commonly controlled company of an active Contributor or Sponsor member, they may qualify to join at an Affiliate level for no annual fee. The Affiliate company would receive the same benefits as the Contributor member, minus voting rights.

For companies who want to implement certified solutions in products and use the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED brand


  • Implement unmodified Wi-Fi modules which have been certified by another member
  • Use the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo and brands
  • Access final documents
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is required to join?

    Any company shall be eligible to be a member if it demonstrates that it is dedicated to the purposes of this corporation by:

    Publicly displaying a legitimate business interest; AND

    Publicly supporting, in the form of a press release or as evidenced by shipping products or enabling technology, such as, for example, chip sets, software, etc. for Wi-Fi products, or deploying services based on Wi-Fi specifications for wireless solutions

  • What is the process to join?

    1)  Submit completed Membership Application

    2)  Review and sign Membership Agreement(s)

       Contributor and Affiliate member applicants: 

       Implementer member applicants: 

    3)  Pay membership dues invoice

  • How do I know which membership level I need?

    To submit product(s) for testing and certification via our authorized testing laboratories, Contributor or Affiliate membership is required. Products must pass testing before you can claim it is Wi-Fi CERTIFIED or use the certification marks.

    To participate in the development of Wi-Fi Alliance certification programs and industry conversations in task groups, Contributor or Affiliate membership is required.

    To submit product(s) for certification that incorporate a Wi-Fi CERTIFIED module without modification, Implementer membership may be appropriate.

  • What are membership dues?
    • Annual Contributor membership dues are US $20,000. New memberships effective during the year may have dues prorated on a quarterly basis.
    • Annual Implementer membership dues are US $5,150. No proration is offered.
    • Affiliate members are covered by their parent company Contributor membership dues.
    • Small Business Introductory Participant membership dues are US $7,725. New memberships effective during the year may have dues prorated for a half year membership.
    • Small Business Introductory Implementer membership dues are US $2,575 with no proration offered.
  • Do you accept membership dues via credit card?

    Payments for annual dues must be made via check or wire transfer.

  • Does our membership year start the day we join?

    Membership in Wi-Fi Alliance runs the calendar year, January through December.

  • How do we renew our membership?

    Invoices are generally issued in early October and are due by December 31. Please review your invoice for specific dates. The noted primary company and primary billing contact(s) listed in your account will receive an electronic invoice. Purchase orders are not considered as payment confirmation. Contact if you have specific questions.

  • Can I use the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo?

    Only Wi-Fi Alliance member companies may use Wi-Fi Alliance certification marks. For more information and a complete list of marks, please visit:

  • How do I know if my company is already a member?

    Please visit our Member Companies page and type the company name in the search field.

  • How do I request a members-only login?

    To request a Single Sign On (SSO) account to access the members-only website and certification system,

    1. Please view this 1-minute instructional video: or
    2. Submit your contact information for an account by visiting On the contact form, click System Access, fill out the required information and submit the form. When the account is created, you will receive an email reply with a link to choose your password and activate your login. Allow one business day to process your account request.      
  • How do I request a login to the task groups/Kavi system?

    To request login access to the task groups/Kavi system:

    1. Please view this 1-minute instructional video: or
    2. Visit and click on the second link to sign-up for a new account. Submit your contact information. Watch for an email from with instructions and a link to set your password. Allow up to two business days to process new account requests.
  • How do I know which certification I need?

    Wi-Fi Alliance offers a variety of certification programs. For more details on programs, please visit If you still need assistance, please send questions to

  • How do I know if the Wi-Fi module or system used in our product has been Wi-Fi CERTIFIED?

    Please visit our Product Finder to search for certified products and associated certifications, or consult with your Wi-Fi module manufacturer for their certification details.