Small Business Introductory Membership

Wi-Fi Alliance® is excited to offer two membership levels designed to help smaller companies experience the benefits of Wi-Fi Alliance membership with lower introductory dues.

Small Business Introductory Participant

  • Similar benefits as Contributor membership: Ability to certify products and participate and vote in task groups, however the key difference is that Small Business Introductory Participants are not voting members of the organization as set forth in section 4.1 of the Bylaws. Certification fees are the same as Contributors.
  • Annual dues: US$7,725/year

Small Business Introductory Implementer

  • Same benefits as Implementer membership: Ability to implement certified solutions in products and use the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ brand. Similar to Implementers, Small Business Introductory Implementers are not voting members of the organization as set forth in section 4.1 of the Bylaws. Certification fees are the same as Implementers.
  • Annual dues: US$2,575/year

Small Business Introductory memberships are available to new members with annual revenues less than US$10M. These membership levels are available for the first two years of membership if the company continues to meet the requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to show our company’s revenue qualifies for the discounted membership?

Please submit your most recent financial statement to with your membership inquiry.

If our company’s revenue exceeds US$10M during our membership, do we have to change our membership level?

Your Small Business Introductory membership is good for the full year; you do not have to change your membership level that year. However, you will need to renew as a Contributor or Implementer level member the following year. 

If our company was a member in the past, can we still take advantage of this offer?

Yes. Your company may rejoin under the Small Business Introductory level. However, this offer can only be used one time for a two year maximum.

Can we sign up our subsidiary as an Affiliate member under our Small Business Introductory membership?

Affiliates are not considered with the Small Business Introductory membership. Affiliates are allowed under Contributor or Sponsor members in good standing.

Where can I learn more about membership?

Please visit our Membership page to find more Frequently Asked Questions.