To ensure Wi-Fi® devices deliver the best user experience, Wi-Fi Alliance® regularly holds Interoperability Events where participants evaluate how Wi-Fi devices interact and perform. These events test Wi-Fi device interoperability and implementation in a range of situations to uncover potential issues and give participants an understanding of true device functionality when deployed in real-world scenarios.

Interoperability Events benefit the Wi-Fi industry by confirming that devices interoperate at peak performance during real-world testing, which is vital to delivering an optimal user experience. These events support Wi-Fi Alliance’s efforts to provide industry guidance on Wi-Fi product development and deployment, and also help ensure Wi-Fi Alliance certification and testing processes verify device quality.

We invite you to attend Interoperability Events to help improve your Wi-Fi products and advance the Wi-Fi ecosystem.

Register for an upcoming event:

Event Focus Date Location Invited Attendees*
Roaming - California, Taipei, Malaga, and Shenzhen Wi-Fi Alliance members
Wi-Fi HaLow - California Device vendors
Wi-Fi Location - California Device vendors
Wi-Fi 7 - California, Taipei, and Seongnam Device vendors

Registration opens six weeks prior to event.
*Events are open to Wi-Fi Alliance Sponsor, Contributor, and Small Business Contributor members only, but future events may be open to Implementer members or non-members.

Additional Resources

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