Wi-Fi Alliance® members showcase value of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED®

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED offers a competitive advantage and contributes to improved customer experience

Austin, Texas – February 6, 2024 – Wi-Fi Alliance® members shared company testimonials underscoring the value that Wi-Fi CERTIFIED® delivers to their companies. The top reasons for achieving Wi-Fi CERTIFIED product certification from Wi-Fi Alliance include: emphasis on a standardized method of ensuring the reliability, performance, and security of their Wi-Fi® products, delivering a competitive advantage during RFP processes, and leveraging Wi-Fi CERTIFIED as an effective marketing tool. In markets including Internet of Things (IoT) and enterprise where there is intense competition, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED differentiates products by offering a better customer experience.

These testimonials are a sampling of the value seen from Wi-Fi CERTIFIED by Wi-Fi Alliance’s more than 900 member companies.

“For Wi-Fi CERTIFIED products, I think of the top three things. The first is interoperability. Wi-Fi certification helps our devices from different manufacturers work well together. The second is the competitive advantage. Standing out in the crowd and having those logos on our products is so valuable. I actually win RFPs and RFIs over it and have a competitive advantage over my competitors. The third is security. Devices are required to adhere to certain standards and the latest encryption protocols are tested during our Wi-Fi certification, so security is very important to us.” – Rosalie Bibona, Product Management Director of Wireless, Extreme Networks

“We strongly believe in interoperability and given the fact that Wi-Fi is a long-established collection of technologies that has grown and evolved over the years, it is important for us to achieve interoperability with whatever is out there in the real world. That is where certification really plays an important role for our products.” – Danny Lousberg, Head of Product Management, Software, Signify

“Wi-Fi CERTIFIED plays a crucial role in the IoT industry. It ensures that IoT devices meet strict standards, enhancing their reliability, performance, and security. With high interoperability, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED devices can seamlessly communicate with each other. It sets a very good standard and a benchmark for the expectation of the experience that the consumer can get.” – Alex Yang, Co-Founder and COO, Tuya Smart

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