Wi-Fi® at the core of enterprise networks

Wi-Fi is the networking technology of choice in enterprise environments. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ devices offer industry-standard security protections and performance that enterprise network managers expect. Wi-Fi Alliance® continues to develop certification programs and technologies to support enterprise applications, including Voice-Enterprise, WMM-Admission Control, WPA3-Enterprise and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6.

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6®: Capacity and performance for advanced enterprise applications

The latest generation of Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6, builds on the success of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED n to deliver the highest performance available to enterprise networks. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 improves the capacity and performance of the entire network utilizing features designed to ensure each connected device is working at an optimum level, including legacy devices. Other features that  make more efficient use of spectrum result in highly efficient networks that provide increased speed and capacity.

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 networks support an evolving enterprise environment characterized by increased employee mobility, flexible workspaces, and distributed teams utilizing cloud-based storage and collaboration tools. Network administrators can accommodate the additional devices that employees bring to the workplace because Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 technology was designed to handle heavy traffic environments with many different connected devices. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 devices are ready to handle today’s growing connectivity demands to support the increased flexibility and productivity of a more mobile workforce.

Enterprise networks implementing Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 support WPA3, providing the highest ever enterprise-standard security with strong data protection for multiple users and large managed networks. 

Upgrading enterprise networks to Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 enables IT teams to provide greater capacity to enable more demanding and mission-critical applications requiring higher throughput. The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo designates those products that have been tested and awarded the seal of approval for interoperability and security of enterprise-grade equipment.


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