Reimagine education

While education has seen many advances over the last decade, traditional classroom environment structure remained predominantly intact until recently. The novel coronavirus pandemic in 2020 has resulted in an unprecedented need for the world’s students to access learning online and has required teachers to deliver instruction in new ways. As a result, delivery of digital content and new approaches to engage students at a distance has ignited the rise of virtual schools and learning environments.

There has been an urgent need to keep the pace of education moving forward for our next generation of creators, inventors, and leaders. Wi-Fi® is ready to answer the call to transform traditional classrooms and remote learning environments through more immersive and dynamic applications. Moving forward, Wi-Fi will provide the foundation to keep students and educators securely connected while providing the opportunity to implement new educational experiences that leverage technologies such as augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR).

Wi-Fi enables secure connectivity for continued learning

Wi-Fi solutions enable more dynamic educational experiences, the use of new applications to immerse and inspire, and the ability to help bridge the digital divide. Now is the time for educational systems to upgrade their networks. The capabilities of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6® coupled with the security of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WPA3™ make connected educational approaches such as AR/VR and online collaboration tools that may have been difficult to scale years ago more easily implemented today.

Classroom: Immersive AR/VR experiences and more dynamic learning—students and teachers can move freely around classroom or campus through peer-to-peer connections, or multiple access point (AP) systems that ensure everyone is engaged and connected even outside the classroom

Home: The increased capacity of Wi-Fi 6 products means that entire families can be connected simultaneously, learning in virtual classrooms or conducting business or personal video calls

Outside: Extended reach, better device power savings, and ubiquitous public Wi-Fi access make it easier for students of all ages to learn wherever they are

Administration: Onboarding and securing hundreds or thousands of devices accessing school networks is easier now using Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Easy Connect™ and WPA3™

The inherent strengths of Wi-Fi can help educational institutions worldwide reimagine their education delivery systems in new and different ways, enabling a new era of connected learning.


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