Driving the next level of Wi-Fi® performance 

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7™ is here to meet the growing user demands for immersive, interactive technology. Based on IEEE 802.11be technology, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 enhances Wi-Fi performance in the 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz bands, bringing cutting-edge capabilities to enable innovations that require high throughput, lower latency, and greater reliability across home, enterprise, and industrial environments. Key applications supported by Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 include augmented, virtual, and extended reality (AR/VR/XR), immersive 3D training, and ultra-high definition video streaming. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 will facilitate worldwide interoperability, a robust device ecosystem, and bring advanced Wi-Fi® performance to the next era of connected devices. 

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 networks support advanced Wi-Fi performance for high bandwidth applications to ensure each connected device delivers the dependable experience users expect, even in dense environments like stadiums and large campuses. 

Key benefits of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 include:

  • Higher throughput 
  • Improved support for deterministic latency
  • Enhanced efficiency, even in dense networks
  • Increased robustness and reliability
  • Reduced power consumption

The advanced features of Wi-Fi 7 

The key features of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 work together to deliver higher data throughputs and support deterministic latency for sophisticated use cases that demand first-rate reliability. New features include:

  • 320 MHz superwide channels that are only available in 6 GHz provide twice the throughput of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6®, enabling multigigabit Wi-Fi device speeds
  • Multi-Link Operation (MLO) supports more efficient load balancing of traffic among links, resulting in increased throughput and enhanced reliability 
  • 4K QAM achieves 20% higher transmission rates than Wi-Fi 6’s 1024 QAM for greater efficiency
  • 512 Compressed Block Ack improves efficiency and reduces overhead
  • Multiple RUs to a single STA improves flexibility for spectrum resource scheduling to enhance spectrum efficiency


Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 supports superior connectivity for emerging use cases with high levels of interactivity and immersion. As user demand for high capacity, low latency technologies like AR/VR/XR, cloud computing, and Industrial IoT grows across market segments, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 devices will deliver optimized performance in the 2.4 and 5 GHz band, and countries with access to 6 GHz will experience the full scope of Wi-Fi 7’s unparalleled performance. 


  • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7™: Driving next-level Wi-Fi® performance