Leveraging Wi-Fi® for Home IoT use cases (2024)

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to objects that connect to the Internet and each other beyond the traditional computing and entertainment products that use Wi-Fi®, such as computers, smartphones, TVs, and game consoles and controllers. These IoT devices use connectivity to carry out their core functionality and are often programmed and operated by a control device such as a smartphone or voice control platform. Home IoT devices are a broad category of solutions that are used in (and near) consumer residential settings — including security and lighting systems, appliances, and home automation components.

Wi-Fi Alliance® certification programs, including Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7™, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6®, and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED HaLow™ enable home applications and services with varying requirements including smart locks, thermometers, home control, and video. An increasing number of products to support home security and monitoring services are entering the market and require high bandwidth and low latency to ensure real-time viewership and minimize false alarms. New use cases that rely on robust connections throughout the home and to the cloud are quickly becoming mainstays, and Wi-Fi is well-positioned to support them. 

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WPA3™ is a mandatory certification for Wi-Fi CERTIFIED® devices that helps prevent the havoc of security breaches by providing protocols to secure Wi-Fi networks and simplifying Wi-Fi security while providing more robust authentication. As families become increasingly reliant on connected IoT devices like security monitoring and healthcare devices, it is imperative to leverage the latest Wi-Fi capabilities.