Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7™ Technology Overview (2024)

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 delivers an unprecedented level of connectivity through an impressive list of new features to support a wide variety of cutting-edge use cases. Among these key features is 320 MHz channel widths, which increases capacity by enabling a higher number of simultaneous transmissions at the fastest possible speeds, and MLO, which increases throughput and lowers latency by enabling devices to combine different channels across frequency bands together. In countries with 6 GHz access, native 6 GHz support allows Wi-Fi 7 to take full advantage of the 1200 MHz of unlicensed spectrum being made globally available. 

Both home and industrial settings will be able to use Wi-Fi 7 to maximize user experiences and productivity by leveraging Wi-Fi 7’s high throughput, high bandwidth, and low latency features. Video use cases, in particular, require high performance connectivity, which Wi-Fi 7 provides in abundance to allow for ultra-high definition streaming, video conferencing, and AR/VR/XR connections.

The future of Wi-Fi through Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 is extremely promising and time will show the various ways its 
high-speed potential will be leveraged to better interconnect our world.