Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac is gaining momentum

Kelly Davis-Felner

The Wi-Fi Alliance® Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac program launched last month and over the past several weeks, we’ve been posting member contributed articles on The Beacon that dive a bit deeper into the core of the technology– including topics like the evolving technology adoption cycle, benefits of 802.11ac for networks, and our most recent article about client adoption for 802.11ac wireless technology.

Our Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac program launched at a time when consumer Wi-Fi® usage has exploded. The below infographic summarizes the global rise in connectivity demands:

As Rolf de Vegt of Qualcomm states:

“Smartphones have already become the driver of innovation in technology worldwide and Wi-Fi is no exception. Wi-Fi is a clear area where the immense impact of mobile on the high-tech industry can be seen, and mobile’s importance will only grow over time.”

The momentum around Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac smartphones and other products continues, and this can be seen through the growing number of devices that are certified through our program every day. It’s clear that companies understand the potential for Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac products to bring additional capacity, performance and robustness to support the connected applications of today and tomorrow.

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