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QuickTrack: A simplified path to device certification

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In 2021, Wi-Fi Alliance® introduced QuickTrack as a new path for Wi-Fi CERTIFIED testing. QuickTrack provides a simpler, lower cost option to achieve Wi-Fi® product certification. QuickTrack allows members to build products based on Qualified Solutions — modules, chipsets, and other solutions which have undergone prerequisite testing. This testing can be completed at an Authorized Test Laboratory (ATL) or member testing site.

With more than 4.4 billion Wi-Fi devices shipping this year alone, interoperability among products is more important than ever. Users and enterprises will have more devices and will expect these devices to work well together, regardless of brand. QuickTrack has numerous benefits for product developers that want to bring quality Wi-Fi devices to market more quickly while:

  • Lowering testing costs by reducing time needed to complete testing
  • Avoiding redundant testing of core Wi-Fi components previously tested in a Qualified Solution
  • Ensuring Wi-Fi CERTIFIED products continue to meet certification requirements throughout the product life cycle

Members may download the QuickTrack Test Tool software to a QuickTrack Test Tool platform, such as a computer or laptop. This tool allows members to run prescribed conformance testing on products, helping reduce costs associated with test bed purchases. Member companies can integrate the QuickTrack Test Tool into product development quality testing processes, and members may use the QuickTrack Test Tool to gain Wi-Fi CERTIFIED status for products.

Members can choose the best certification option to meet their needs: QuickTrack, FlexTrack, and Derivative paths provide options in testing methods and test locations. All Wi-Fi Alliance certification paths require WPA3™ security, ensuring members can bring secure, interoperable products to market using a testing option that works best for their company.


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