Multi-gigabit, low latency connectivity. Coming in 2016.

Industry momentum and user anticipation of 60 GHz technology is growing. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WiGig™ products operate in the 60 GHz frequency band and deliver multi-gigabit speeds, low latency, and security-protected connectivity between nearby devices. Popular use cases for WiGig® include cable replacement for popular I/O and display extensions, wireless docking between devices like laptops and tablet, instant sync and backup and simultaneous streaming of multiple, ultra-high definition and 4K videos.

WiGig and Wi-Fi Alliance® unite

WiGig was originally developed in WiGig Alliance. In 2013, WiGig Alliance and Wi-Fi Alliance united, consolidating WiGig technology and certification development in Wi-Fi Alliance. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WiGig will extend the Wi-Fi Alliance vision for connecting everyone and everything, everywhere and enables new use cases that complement traditional Wi-Fi®.

With WiGig technology now under the wing of Wi-Fi Alliance, the forthcoming Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WiGig program will ensure devices provide a great user experience, the latest security protections, and multi-vendor interoperability. Many Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WiGig products are expected to be Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ as well, and products implementing both WiGig and Wi-Fi will include mechanisms to facilitate seamless handover between the two technologies.

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