Wi-Fi Location

Accurate indoor location with Wi-Fi® connectivity

Location is inextricably linked with mobility. Consumers want to know where they are and what is around them, whether indoors or outside. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Location™ delivers meter-level accuracy indoors. Wi-Fi Location-enabled networks and devices work together to deliver accurate location information with the benefits of Wi-Fi connectivity and without the need for separate, location-based infrastructure or costly maintenance.

Wi-Fi Location-enabled devices help network managers, operating systems developers, and applications developers deliver enhanced location data-driven apps and services. Wi-Fi Location certification ensures standards-based interoperability of devices so that developers can provide users the same experiences indoors as they have come to expect outside.

Location beyond navigation

Wi-Fi Location not only improves the accuracy of location data for navigation purposes, it enables the creation of new, feature-rich applications and services. Wi-Fi Location can provide benefits to manufacturers, enterprise, retail, and healthcare markets through:

  • Asset management: Tracking high-value mobile equipment
  • Network management: Pinpointing where troubleshooting and maintenance is needed
  • Geo-fencing: Creating virtual perimeters that trigger actions when devices move in or out of the boundary
  • Hyperlocal marketing: Displaying alerts or coupons when a customer is nearby
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