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Wi-Fi Alliance® delivers more value from Wi-Fi® in 6 GHz

Industry coalesces on secure and interoperable Wi-Fi 6E Austin, Texas...

Wi-Fi Alliance® celebrates 35 years of unlicensed spectrum

For many of us today, it would be difficult to imagine a day without...

Celebrating 20 years of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ products

In April 2000, the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance – later...

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Wi-Fi 6E Highlights

The United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced the availability of the 6 GHz frequency band for unlicensed spectrum use. The announcement heralds a milestone in the Wi-Fi era. Unlicensed spectrum, where Wi-Fi operates, is one of society’s most valuable resources. Wi-Fi industry innovation, promotion, and good stewardship of unlicensed spectrum has delivered significant benefits to users, and driven immense economic value worldwide – generating more than $2 trillion USD to the current global economy. Availability of 6 GHz will unlock more value from Wi-Fi and bring even greater economic contributions.