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Recent polling conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Wi-Fi Alliance® demonstrates Wi-Fi’s integral role in users’ lives.

Access to Wi-Fi is important in daily life, and can impact work productivity

More than half of Americans would not want to give up Wi-Fi for a month. The unwillingness to give up Wi-Fi for a month is especially high (70%) among Millennials ages 18-34. Nearly three quarters of Americans say always having access to Wi-Fi is important in their daily life, and more than two thirds indicate they would be annoyed if they didn’t have access to uninterrupted Wi-Fi. A large majority of employed adults say not having Wi-Fi access would impact their work productivity, with the largest impact taking place at home. Wi-Fi is clearly important among all smartphone and tablet owners, perhaps because survey respondents have an average of 4 devices that are Wi-Fi enabled.

A vast majority of smartphone and tablet owners are using mobile data and looking for ways to reduce their data usage. Turning on Wi-Fi whenever possible is the most important way they claim to reduce their mobile data usage, and more than 1 in 4 admit to searching for unlocked Wi-Fi networks whenever possible. A good Wi-Fi connection is so important to some Americans that they would consider changing hotels, homes, stores, and even airlines or restaurants if the Wi-Fi connection was bad (38,31,27,20 and 19%, respectively).

Americans are concerned about LTE-U

Less than one quarter of Americans have heard of LTE-U and even fewer have ever heard of LAA. Three quarters of Americans would be concerned about a technology that could jeopardize their access to free Wi-Fi availability. Moving forward, more than half of Americans say they are interested in the issue as it unfolds.


Research Methodology: The survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Poll on behalf of Wi-Fi Alliance between October 5-7, 2015. Harris Poll and Wi-Fi Alliance surveyed 2,032 adults ages 18+. The purpose of the survey was to gain insight into consumers’ Wi-Fi preferences and awareness of LTE-U.

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