Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac: Another leap forward for Wi-Fi® (2016)

Wi-Fi continues to evolve, driven by a virtuous cycle of innovation and adoption. 802.11ac technology is the most recent product of this cycle; it expands upon the impressive features of 802.11n and brings new advances in performance. The Wi-Fi Alliance® certification program for 802.11ac products is called Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac; this seal of approval is an indication that the device has passed rigorous testing, is compatible with other Wi-Fi CERTIFIED products, and delivers the best user experience.

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac devices improve the performance of everyday tasks, many of which now require much more data to be sent at higher speeds than even just a few years ago. The improved performance enables robust and responsive networks, faster download, and more efficient power usage. An update to Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac launched in 2016, bringing new “wave 2” features such as Multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO), which enables even more efficient Wi-Fi networks.