Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WPA3™ Technology Overview (2021)

The next generation of Wi-Fi connectivity requires robust tools and practices to maintain user data privacy and security. Wi-Fi Alliance has continued its track record of constantly evolving the Wi-Fi Protected Access family of technologies to provide the latest in security as the landscape changes. Through use of standards-based mechanisms, consistent application of protocols, and security interface tools that are easy to use, network owners can better protect user data and promote adoption of security best practices. That said, every network environment is different. Wi-Fi Alliance recognizes the need for robust solutions that meet the security requirements of a variety of device types and networks.

Through WPA3 and other programs such as Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Easy Connect, Wi-Fi Alliance brings new capabilities that support the way the world works and lives today. Providing for secure onboarding of every type of device with greater simplicity and enabling user data protection for personal and data sensitive Wi-Fi network environments increase Wi-Fi user experience, as well as dependence on Wi-Fi.

WPA3 builds upon trusted WPA2 success to bring a new level of security for personal and enterprise environments with robust security protocols. Focus on cryptographic consistency, robust password-based authentication, and 192-bit security usher the market into the next age of connectivity with confidence.

More information about WPA3 is available at: https://www.wi-fi.org/discover-wi-fi/security.