Wi-Fi Alliance® statement regarding "Super Wi-Fi"

Inaccurate moniker will lead to consumer confusion

AUSTIN, TX, January 27, 2012 – The Wi-Fi Alliance supports efforts to use the unlicensed spectrum known as Television White Spaces to expand connectivity.  However, Wi-Fi Alliance cautions that the use of terminology such as “Super Wi-Fi” or “Next Generation Wi-Fi” for the Television White Spaces implementations available today will lead to substantial user confusion. Consumers should be aware that recently-announced deployments using terms like “Super Wi-Fi” are not in fact Wi-Fi®.

• The technology touted as “Super Wi-Fi” does not interoperate with the billions of Wi-Fi devices in use today
• Today’s deployments in Television White Spaces do not deliver the same user experience as is available in Wi-Fi hotspots and home networks
• Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance and the term “Super Wi-Fi” is not an authorized extension of the brand
• Wi-Fi Alliance discourages the use of Wi-Fi in a manner that could confuse consumers

“The Wi-Fi Alliance supports efforts to use the unlicensed spectrum known as Television White Spaces to expand connectivity. However, there is currently no Wi-Fi technology that operates in this spectrum,” said Wi-Fi Alliance Marketing Director Kelly Davis-Felner. “It is important that users not be misled into confusing any such technology with Wi-Fi.”

About the Wi-Fi Alliance®
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Karl Stetson     
Edelman for Wi-Fi Alliance