Wi-Fi Certified Products Rocket To Over 500 In Four Months

Mountain View, CA, November 18, 2002 - The Wi-Fi Alliance announced today that 142 additional Wi-Fi products have received certification in the past four months. Since testing began in March of 2002, 509 Wi-Fi product certifications have been awarded to 98 Wi-Fi Alliance member companies. This four-month period saw the addition of 15 new companies seeking Wi-Fi certification for their products for a total of 98 companies offering Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ products.


ìWi-Fi certifications continue to set an impressive pace with a forty percent increase over the prior period,î said WECA chairman Dennis Eaton. ìDuring this period we have also seen a fifteen percent increase in the number of companies offering Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ products. It is becoming increasingly clear that customers want a good user experience and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ products help them get that. This is driving the companies to certify products,î continued Eaton.

ìLooking at the numbers a little closer reveals some very interesting trends. First, two new categories of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ products have emerged ñ Wi-Fi Cable modems and Wi-Fi DSL modems. We are also seeing the certification rate of mPCI cards (cards that go inside laptops and PDAs) increase and PC cards decline slightly. As more laptops are shipped with Wi-Fi built in, mPCI cards take over their share of the market. In addition, Wi-Fi Compact Flash card certifications are increasing as Wi-Fi is used in smaller devices,î Eaton added.

Products awarded the Wi-Fi logo have undergone strict, rigorous, and independent testing at one of four labs in Tokyo , Japan ; San Jose , California ; Winnersh , UK or Taipei , Taiwan . Testing usually takes two to four days per product to complete. The Wi-Fi interoperability certification program has become the international standard for providing high-quality interoperability testing for 802.11-based products.


Companies with Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ products include:

- 2Wire HomePortal 1000CW Residential Gateway
- 2Wire HomePortal 1500W Residential Gateway
- 2Wire HomePortal 1500CW Residential Gateway
- 2Wire HomePortal 1600CW Residential Gateway
- 2Wire HomePortal 1600W Residential Gateway
- 2Wire HomePortal 2000CW Residential Gateway
- 2Wire HomePortal 2000W Residential Gateway
- 2Wire HomePortal 100W Residential Gateway
- 2Wire HomePortal 1000W

- 3Com 11 Mbps Wireless LAN PC Card with XJACK Antenna
- 3Com 11 Mbps Wireless LAN Access Point 6000
- 3Com AirConnect 11Mbps Wireless LAN Access Point
- 3Com AirConnect 11Mbps Wireless LAN Access Point 2.0
- 3Com AirConnect 11Mbps Wireless LAN PC Card
- 3Com AirConnect 11Mbps Wireless LAN PC Card 2.0
- 3Com AirConnect 11Mbps Wireless LAN PCI Card
- 3Com Home Wireless Gateway
- 3Com Access Point AP-8000 (3CRWE80096A)
- 3COM OfficeConnect Wireless Cable/DSL Gateway Model 3CRWE51196
- 3COM PC Card Model# 3CRSHPW196
- 3COM PC Card Model# 3CRSHPW696
- 3COM OfficeConnect Access Point 2000 Model # 3CRWE20096A
- 3COM Wireless Ethernet Bridge AP Model# 3CRWE83096A
- 3COM PC Card Model# 3CRWE62092B
- 3Com Wireless LAN PCI Adapter Model# 3CRDW696
- 3COM Wireless LAN USB Adapter Model# 3CRSHEW696

AboCom Systems, Inc.
- 802.11b wireless LAN and V.90 Modem MiniPCI Module Model# WMB1000
- AboCom 802.11b wireless LAN PC Card Model# WB1500
- AboCom 802.11b wireless LAN USB Adapter Model# WUB1500

- Accton Cheetah Wireless PCMCIA Card model# WN3301F Serials
- Accton Cheetah Wireless USB Adapter model# WN3501C Serials
- Accton Wireless Residential Gateway model# WG3004
- Accton Wireless Residential Gateway model# WG3004B
- Accton (Eumitcom) PC Card Model#WL11000-1
- Accton (Eumitcom) PCI card Model# WL11000P
Acrowave Systems
- Acrowave PCMCIA, Acrowave AWL-1100C
- Acrowave Station Card, PCI Model# AWL-1100P
- Access Point Model# AAP-1100E
- AcroLAN USB model# AWL-1100U
- Acrowave AcroLAN AP Model# AAP-3100AR
- Actiontec 802.11 Wireless LAN PC Card
- Access Point Model# 802 AI
- PC Card Model# 802 CI2
- USB Station Model# 802 UI3
- PCI Station Card Model 802P125
- Wireless Cable/DSL Router Access Point Model# R3010(S) UW
- Actiontec PC Card Model# 802 C13

ADMtek Incorporated
- ADMtek MiniPCI Cardbus NIC Model# ADM8211

Agere Systems
- ORINOCO PC Card-Gold

Allied Telesis K.K.
- Allied Telesis Access Point Model# CentreCOM WR110P

- Ambit Station Card, LAN-Express Model# T60L198
- Wireless Access Point Model T60H278
- Ambit MiniPCI Wireless LAN+V.90 Module Combo Card Model # T60H300
- Ambit Adapter model# T60H519
- Ambit MiniPCI Card Model# T60H424 (Module)
- Ambit MiniPCI Module Model# AIR-MPI / U58H01
- Ambit Wireless LAN Card Model# K-12-Card
- Ambit Access Point Model# K10L022
- Ambit Access Point Model# K12-AP
- Ambit USB Adapter Model#K12-USB

- AirPort Base Station
- Apple AirPort Client Card

- Access Point Model# Net DSL 1700 Series/ND1760
- AresGate Series/AG 1000 PRO
- AresGate Series/AG 1000
- Arescom Aresgate 2000 Series Model# AG2000 Part # AG2000/2000S
- Aresgate 2500 Series Model#AG2500 Part# AG2560/2561

- Askey 11Mbps Wireless LAN PC Card Model# WLC010
- Access Point RTW010
- Access Point Model RTW020
- Wireless LAN USB Model# WLL013
- Askey PC Card model# WLC030
- Askey Access Point model#RTW030
- Askey MiniPCI Module Model# WLL030m
- Askey USB Adapter Model# WLL013
- Askey Access Point Model# RTA300W
- Askey PC Card Model # WLC020
- Askey Access Point / Router Model# RTW026

ASUSTeK Computer
- Asustek Access Point model# Space Link WL-300
- Asustek PC Card model# Space Link WL-100
- ASUSTEK SpaceLink CF-Card Model# WL-110CF
- ASUS Spacelink Access Point Model# WL-500
Atheros Communications
- Atheros AR5001X CardBus Reference Design Board / AR5BCB-00022A
- Atheros Dual Slot Access Point Model# AR5001

Atmel Corporation
- Atmel PCMCIA Station Card Model# AT76C502

- Avaya Wireless AP-I Access Point
- Avaya Wireless AP-II Access Point
- Avaya Wireless PC Card - Silver
- Avaya Wireless USB PC - Silver
- Avaya Wireless PC Card - Gold
- Avaya Wireless USB PC Card - Gold
- Avaya Wireless AP-3 Access Point
- Avaya Wireless Client Card CC-11b

Benq Corporation
- Benq Wireless LAN Access Point Module 55.33701.002AP
- Benq Wireless LAN PC Card Model# AWL100
- Benq Wireless LAN Router (Access Point) Model# AWL700
- Benq Wireless LAN USB Adapter Model# AWL300
- Benq Wireless Access Point AWR 770

- Binatone PC Card Model# Airlink+ /WL1000
- Binatone Access Point Model# WL1100

Broadcom Corporation
- Broadcom MiniPCI Adapter Model # BCM94301MP
- Broadcom 802.11b Wireless Router Model# BCM4710AP
- Broadcom Cardbus Adapter Model# BCM94301CB

- Bromax Station Card Model# BWE200-IF
- Bromax Access Point model# WA300
- Bromax Wireless Station Card Model # WPC11
- Bromax PC Card Model# D311

C&S Microwave Co., Ltd.
- C&S Microwave AP model# CSAP-0211

CC&C Technologies, Inc.
- CC&C PCMCIA Card model# WL-1100
- CC&C Access Point Model# WA2204
- CC&C USB Dongle model# WL-1200

Chou Chin Industrial Co., Ltd.
- Chou Chin LAN PCMCIA Card Model # PWL210
- Chou Chin LAN USB Adapter Model # PWL220

Cirrus Logic
- Bodega Whitecap ô2 Platform

Cisco Systems
- Cisco Aironet 340 Series PCI Card
- Cisco Aironet 340 Series Access Point
- Cisco Aironet 340 Series Wireless PC Card
- Cisco Aironet 350 Series Access Point
- Cisco Aironet 350 Series PC Card
- Cisco Aironet 350 Series PCI Card
- Cisco Access Point# AIR-BR350
- Cisco-Aironet 350 Series Mini-PCI (MPI 350) client Adapter
- Cisco Access Point Model# AIR-AP1220B
- Cisco Access Point Model# AIR-AP1120B

Colubris Networks
- Colubris Access Point CN3000
- Colubris Access Point CN1054
- Colubris Access Point CN1050
- Colubris Access Point CN1000
- Colubris Access Point CN100

Corega K.K.
- Corega PCMCIA Card Model# PCCL-11
- Corega Wireless LAN USB Stick-11
- Corega Access Point Model# APL-11
- Corega Access Point Model# BAR WL
- Corega PC Card Model# CG-WLPCCB11
- Corega Wireless LAN USB-11mini / CG-WLUSB11MN

- Crewave Access Point model# CW-1100AP
- Crewave PC Card model# CW-1100

D-Link Systems
- D-Link Wireless PC Card Model# DWL-650 (Module)
- D-Link Access Point DWL-1000AP
- D-Link Wireless PCI DWL-500
- D-Link Access Point Model # DI-713P
- D-Link USB Station model#DWL-120
- D-Link Access Point model# DWL-900AP
- D-Link Wireless PC Card Model# DWL-660
- D-Link PC Card Model# DWL-650+
- D-Link PCI Card Model#DWL-520+
- D-Link Router Model# DI-614+
- D-Link Access Point Model# DWL-900AP+
- D-Link USB Adapter Model# DWL-120 rev. E1

- Dell TrueMobile 1150 Series PC Card
- Dell TrueMobile 1150 Series Mini-PCI Card
- Dell TrueMobile 1150 Series AP-1000
- Dell Wireless Base Station Model AP1170
- Access Point Model# Dell True Mobile AP1170 / 1K445
- Dell TrueMobile 1180 Wireless USB Adapter
- Dell TrueMobile (module) 1180 Internal 802.11b MiniPCI Card
- Dell TrueMobile Wireless Broadband Router Access Point Model# 1184

Delta Networks
- Delta PCMCIA Station Card LM-WP100RA

- Emtac 11Mbps WLAN PC Card A2424
- Emtac Wireless Access Point Model# A2588

Enterasys Networks
- RoamAbout 802.11b DS High Rate PC Card
- RoamAbout Access Point 2000
- Access Point, RoamAbout R2 Access Platform / RBTR2-A

Epson America
- Epsonet 802.11b Wireless Module

Ericsson Radio Systems
- Ericsson WLAN Access Point Model # AD08

FineDigital Inc.
- Finedigital Access Point model# FineLAN 1000B


- Fujitsu Wireless Access Point Model# FMWT-501
- Wireless LAN Card, Model No. FMV-JW181
- Mini PCI module model# MBH7WL01-M
- FMV-6800MG/WL
- Fujitsu PCI Card (FMV-W182)
- Fujitsu Wireless PC Card model# FMV-JW182
- Fujitsu Wireless CF-card Model# FLX-LN1
- Fujitsu FMV-273LS/WL
- Fujitsu FMV-273LS2/WL
- Fujitsu FMV-6100MG2
- Fujitsu FMV-610MG2
- Fujitsu FMV-665MC2
- Fujitsu FMV-7000NA2
- Fujitsu FMV-7160MR2
- Fujitsu LifeBook B2610
- Fujitsu LifeBook E7010
- Fujitsu LifeBook E7110
- Fujitsu LifeBook S6010
- LifeBook B-2566
- LifeBook P2046
- Lifebook S-5586
- Lifebook P1035
- Fujitsu FMV-BIBLO MG10AM
- Fujitsu FMV-BIBLO MR16A
- Fujitsu FMV-BIBLO MR16AH
- Fujitsu LifeBook C2010
- Fujitsu LifeBook C2111
- Fujitsu LifeBook P1110
- Fujitsu LifeBook P2110
- Fujitsu Access Point Model# FMWBR-102
- Fujitsu Family Network Station Access Point Model# FMFNS-101
- Fujitsu MiniPCI Module / MBH7WL01-S (Module)
- Fujitsu FMV-BIBLO_MG12B/M
- Fujitsu FMV-6120MG3
- Fujitsu FMV-612MG3
- Fujitsu FMV-BIBLO_MG12B
- Fujitsu Lifebook S6110
- Fujitsu Stylistic ST 4100P

- Galtronics Pear Series 100 Access Point PCB Module # 60-30001-03 (module)

- Gateway MiniPCI Model# 6001931
- Gateway Solo 9550 Notebook PC
- Gateway Solo 1200 Notebook PC
- Gateway Solo 5350 Notebook PC
- Gateway MiniPCI model#6002201
- Gateway 200 Notebook
- Gateway 400 Notebook
- Gateway 450 Notebook
- Gateway 600 Notebook
- Gateway MiniPCI Module Model# 9901265

Gemtek-Systems Inc.
- PC Card Model WL-311F(2.5)
- Gemtek Access Point model# WX-2211A
- Gemtek USB Adapter model#WL-382F

Global Sun Technology
- Global Sun Access Point model# GL2411RT
- Global Sun PC Card model# GL2411-V1-A
- Global Sun USB Card model# GL2411-MU-AI
- Global Sun Wireless Access Point Model GL2411AP

- Hewlett-Packard Wireless USB Station Model# P1980A
- Hewlett-Packard Wireless LAN Module (802UI)
- Hewlett-Packard Wireless LAN Mini-PCI Card (802MIP)
- HP 802.11b Wireless PC Card Model#F2136B
- PC Card J6062-60001 (Module)
- J6062A HP Wireless Print Server WP100
- HP/Compaq Access Point Model# WL410
- HP/Compaq Access Point Model# WL510
- HP/Compaq Wireless PC Card Model# WL110
- HP/Compaq Wireless PCI Card Model# WL210
- HP/Compaq Wireless USB Adapter WL215
- HP/Compaq WL100 11Mbps Wireless LAN PC Card
- HP/Compaq WL200 11Mbps Wireless LAN PCI Card
- HP/Compaq WL300 11Mbps Wireless LAN Software Access Point
- HP/Compaq WL400 11Mbps Wireless LAN Hardware Access Point
- HP/Compaq 802.11b Multiport Module
- HP/Compaq iPAQ 11Mbps Wireless PC Card
- HP/Compaq Access Point, iPAQ Connection Point model#CP-2W
- HP/Compaq Wireless LAN MultiPort USB Adapter Model # W200
- HP/Compaq iPAQ PC Wireless Card Core Engine 802.11b Model# U98H015
- HP Access Point model# F2135C
- HP Station Module Part# 5185-3843 (ASD)
- HP Station Module Part# 5185-3896 (ASD)
- Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Access Point Model #WL520
- HP Wireless 802.11b Mini-PCI Module Model# T60-H570

Hitachi, Ltd.
- Hitachi Wireless CF Card Model# NPD-WL1 (Module)
- Hitachi Wireless CF Card Model #NPD-10JWL
- Hitachi Wireless PDA Model# NPD-20JWL

Hitron Technologies Inc.
- Access Point model#BWG-3511

I-O DATA Device, Inc.
- I-O Data PC Card Model# WN-B11 / PCMH
- I-O Data PCI Card Model# WN-B11/PCIH
- I-O Data USB Adapter Model# WN-B11/USBS

- Access Point Model# 9085
- IBM High Rate Wireless LAN Gateway
- IBM Wireless Station Model# 26P8030
- IBM High Rate Wireless LAN PC Card -12D4
- IBM Access Point AP500
- IBM PC Card Model 128
- IBM ThinkPad 802.11b Wireless LAN Mini-PCI Adapter with 56K Modem
- IBM High Rate Wireless LAN Gateway Model# 22P6401

- Intel PRO/Wireless 2011 LAN Access Point
- IntelÆ PRO/Wireless 2011 LAN PC Card
- IntelÆ Wireless Gateway
- Intel/Xircom APWE1100 Series Access Points
- Intel/Xircom CWE1100 Series CreditCard Adapters
- IntelÆ AnyPointô Wireless II Network USB Model
- IntelÆ AnyPointô Wireless II Network PC Card
- Intel PRO/Wireless 2011B LAN 3A MiniPCI Adapter Model# M3AWEB-8-NA
- IntelÆ PRO/Wireless LAN Access Point
- Intel PRO/Wireless 2011B LAN PC Card
- Intel PRO/Wireless 2011B LAN USB (Module)
- Intel PRO/Wireless 2011B LAN PCI Adapter Model WPC12011B
- Intel Pro/Wireless 2011B Compact Flash Adapter
- Intel AnyPoint Wireless Gateway Model #1400
- Intel Denville AnyPoint DSL Gateway AP Model# 4400
- Intel Wireless Gateway II Model# AP1210
- Intel AnyPoint Wireless II USB Adapter Model# AP320
- Intel AnyPoint Wireless Network II PCMCIA Card Model# AP321

- Intermec 2101 Universal Office Access Point
- Intermec Access Point Model# 2100
- Intermec Access Point Model# 2102
- Intermec Station Card Radio Model 2126, Silver Card, PC Card Type II Integrated
- Intermec Wireless PC Card WL11000-1-5V
- Intermec Access Point Model# WA21
- Intermec Access Point Model# WA22

- Intersil PRISM II" Station Card, Model HWB3163-04-Ref-Rev B5
- No Wires Needed 11Mbps Wireless LAN PC Card
- No Wires Needed 11Mbps Wireless LAN Enterprise Access Point
- Prism III MiniPCI Module model# 37200M
- Prism III PCMCIA Card model#3710P
- Prism III USB Adapter model# 3710U

Inventec @ppliances
- Inventec Access Point #AP-201
- Inventec PC Card Model# CP-108

- IP ONE Access Point Model# Airgate 2000
- IP ONE Access Point Model# AirGate 2500N
- IP ONE PC Card model# AirGate 2000N
- IP ONE USB Adapter Model# AirGate2000U

Kyocera Corporation
- Kyocera PC Card Model # KY-LC-WL100
- Kyocera Access Point Model # KY-BR-WL100
- Kyocera PCMCIA Card Model# KY-LC-WL300
- Kyocera Compact Flash Card Model # KY-CF-WL100
- Kyocera IB-22 Internal Print Server (Module #104393)
- Kyocera Access Point Model# KY-BR-WL200

LANCOM Systems GmbH
- Lancom (Elsa) AirLancer MC-11 (Station Card)
- Lancom (Elsa) Wireless IL-11 (Access Point)

Lantech Advance Corporation
- Lantech PCMCIA Card Model# 8800-510
- Lantech PCMCIA Card Model # 512
- Lantech PCMCIA Card Model # 8800-511
- Lantech WLAN Access Point Model# 8800-710

- PC Card Model LW1100N
- Wireless PCI Card Model#LW1100P
- LG GoldStream Access Point Model# LW1100AP
- LG Electronics Access Point Model# LW2100AP

Linksys Group
- Linksys Wireless PC Card Model WPC11
- Linksys Wireless Access Point Model WAP11
- Linksys Station Card Model WPC11 V2.5
- Wireless USB Adapter WUSB11
- Linksys Etherfast Wireless Access Point Router Model BEFW11S4
- Linksys PCI Card Model# WMP11
- Linksys Etherfast Wireless Access Point Model WAP11
- Linksys Wireless USB Adapter Model WUSB11 ver.2.5
- PC Card Model WPC11 v3.0
- Linksys Wireless USB Adapter model# WUSB11 v.2.6
- Linksys Etherfast Wireless Access Point Router BEFW11S4 ver.2
- Linksys USB Adapter Model# WUSB12
- Linksys WAP51AB Access Point
- Linksys Wireless Ethernet Bridge Model# WET11
- Linksys PCI Card Model# WMP11 V2.7
- Linksys Access Point Model# WAP11 Ver.2.2
- Linksys Etherfast Wireless Access Point Router Model# BEFW11S4 ver.3

Melco Inc. (Buffalo)
- AirStation Access Point WLA-L11
- AirStation Access Point WLAR-L11
- AirStation Wireless LAN Card WLI-PCM-L11
- AirStation Wireless LAN Card WLI-PCM-L11G
- AirStation Access Point WLAR-L11G-L
- AirStation Access Point WLA-L11G
- AirStation Access Point WLAR-128
- AirStation Access Point WLAR-L11-M
- AirStation Access Point WLAR-L11-S
- AirStation Access Point WLAR-L11-L
- AirStation Access Point WLAR-128G
- Wireless USB Model# WLI-USB-L11G
- AirStation Wireless LAN Card WLI-PCM-L11GP (Module ID # 100886)
- AirStation Access Point Model# WLAR-8000ACG
- AirStation PC Card Model# WLI-CF-S11G
- Melco Access Point Model# WLA-S11GK
- Melco Access Point Model # WLMR-L11G-WR
- Melco Access Point Model# WBR-B11

- Microsoft Broadband Networking Wireless Base Station / MN-500
- Microsoft Broadband Networking Wireless Notebook Adapter / MN-520
- Microsoft Broadband Networking Wireless USB Adapter / MN-510

MiTAC International Corporation
- Mitac Wireless PC Card ìHermisî Model #LBP01
- Mitac MiniPCI Module Model# 4111-4240-0001

Mitsumi Electric Co.
- Mitsumi Wireless Station model# Wavit11 / DWL-J006

MMC Technology, Inc.
- MMC Access Point Model # MW-1000AP
- MMC Wireless PC Card model# MW-2000PCM
- MMC Access Point model# ADSL Combo / MW-3000AP
- MMC PCMCIA Card Model# MW-1000PCM
- MMC Compact Flash Card Model# MW-1000CF
- Wireless LAN Access Point Model# MW-1200AP

- Motorola Access Point Model# SBG1000

- NEC Access Point Model# 336-0106697
- NEC Access Point S / Model# 336-010732
- NEC Wireless LAN Card Model # 136-277158
- Wireless PC Card Model PC-WL/11C
- MiniPCI Part# 853-910563 (Module)
- NEC USB Station Device Wireless LAN USB BOX/Part# 536-010004
- NEC Access Point model# 536-010033
- NEC MiniPCI Module# 853-910804-001-A
- NEC Mini PCI Module # 853-910563-002-A
- NEC MinIPCI Module Model# WIS-FAL01 (54.03007.001)

- NETGEAR 802.11b Wireless PC Card / MA401
- Access Point Model# ME102
- USB Adapter Model# MA101
- Netgear Access Point Model# FM114P

- NextComm Wireless PC Card, Mirror, Model# 700-0002
- Nextcomm Rainbow PC Card Model# R7010-CB

- Niigata Canotec Wireless Ethernet Station model# NetHawk RF-110E

- Nokia A032 WLAN Access Point
- Nokia C110 Wireless LAN Card
- Nokia C111 Wireless LAN Card
- Access Point Model MW1122 ADSL/WLAN Gateway
- Nokia D211 Multimode Card
- Nokia D311 Multimode Card
- Nokia A036 WLAN Access Point

Nova Technology
- Wireless PC Card Model NETESS-1100
- NOVA ADSL Wireless Access Point model# NETESS 9100

NTT Corporation
- NTT-ME MN 128 SS-LAN Card11
- NTT EAST /NTT WEST Access Point Model# WL1154-AP

OTC Wireless
- OTC AVCW-100 Wireless Access Point
- OTC AVCW-109 Wireless Access Point
- OTC AVCW-200 Wireless Station
- OTC AVCW-209 Wireless Station
- OTC AVCW-215 Wireless Station
- OTC AVCW-115 Wireless Access Point
- OTC AirEZY-2411-BT LAN Card

- IEEE 802.11b/V92 MiniPCI Combo Model Manteca
- Wireless PC Card Model MonteRio

Planex Communications Inc.
- Planex PCMCIA Card Model # GW-NS11H
- Planex USB Adapter Model# GW-US11S
- Planex Compact Flash Adapter Model# GW-CF11H

- Harmony 802.11 PC Card Model# 8432
- ORINOCO AP-1000 Access Point
- ORINOCO AP-500 Access Point
- ORINOCO WavePOINT-II Access Point
- ORINOCO RG-1000 Residential Gateway
- ORINOCO RG-1100 Residential Gateway
- ORINOCO AP-2000 Access Point
- ORINOCO B-2000 Broadband Gateway
- ORINOCO AP-200 Access Point

Psion Teklogix
- Psion Teklogix Access Point Model Wireless Gateway 9150

Quanta Computer
- Quanta Model# MiniPCI Wireless LAN Card/WMI

Realtek Semiconductor
- Realtek RTL8180 11M WLAN NIC adapter-1 / RTL8180-NIC1
- Realtek RTL8180 11M WLAN NIC adapter-2 / RTL8180-NIC2

RFTNC Company
- PC Card Model# RF-Link 1100N
- RFTNC Access point model #RF-Combo11A

- PCMCIA Card Model# RWP301B

Samsung Electro-Mechanics
- Samsung SWL-2000N 11Mbps Wireless LAN PC Card
- Samsung SWL-2000P 11Mbps Wireless LAN PCI Card
- Samsung MagicLAN Model# SWL-2100N (PCMCIA Card)
- Samsung MagicLAN Model# SWL-2100U (USB Device)
- Access Point Model SWL-3300AP
- Samsung Access Point model# SWL-6000 AP
- Samsung MagicLAN Cardbus PC Card Model# SWL-2300N
- Samsung MagicLAN CompactFlash Card Model# SWL-2200C
- Samsung MagicLAN PDA Embedding Module # SWL-2220C
- Samsung MagicLAN USB Stick Model# SWL-2200U
- Samsung PDA Nexio S160

SEIKO EPSON Corporation
- Seiko PC Card Part # 207311

- Senao PC Card model# SL-2511 CD
- Senao Router / Access Point model# SL-2511SR
- Senao USB Adapter Model# SL-2511UB

Sharp Labs of America
- Sharp PC Card model# CE-WC02
- Sharp Access Point model# CE-WA02
- Sharp 802.11b MiniPCI Card Model# CE-WL03
- Sharp Mini-PCI model# CE-WL01
- Sharp PCMCIA Card Model# AN-WC-11B
- Sharp MiniPCI Module Model# CE-WL02

- Siemens PC Card Model# I-Gate 11M PC Card / V4411-Z9-X1
- Siemens PC Card Model# I-Gate 11M PCI / V4411-Z11-X1
- Access Point I-GATE 11M I/LAN/S3129-K212-A

SMC Networks
- Access Point Model SMC2655W
- SMC PC Card Model# SMC2635W

- Wireless LAN PC Card PCWA-C100
- MiniPCI Card, Model PCG-Series MiniPCI Card
- PC Card, Model PCWA-C150
- Sony PCG-Series MiniPCI Card # 1761564
- Sony AP Model# PCWA-A220
- Sony PC Card Model# PEGA-WL100

Symbol Technologies
- Spectrum24" High Rate 11 Mbps Access Point
- Spectrum24" High Rate 11 Mbps Wireless LAN PC Card
- Spectrum24" Access Point Model# AP4121
- Spectrum24" High Rate 11Mbps Wireless LAN Adaptor Model# LA4121
- AP Model AP-4131
- PC Card Model LA-4131-1020-WW
- Wireless Networker ô, CompactFlash ô Wireless LAN Adapter, LA-4137

- Tecom Wireless ADSL Modem / Router Model# AW100x

Texas Instruments
- Texas Instruments Access Point Model# TNETWA-100-APEVM
- Texas Instruments Cardbus Model# TNETW1100-CBEVM

Thomson Multimedia
- Thomson-Alcatel Access Point SpeedTouch 570
- Thomson Multimedia Access Point Module # ST570 R2.0/M (3EC 18683 FDAA)
- Thomson Multimedia Access Point Module # ST570 R2.0/M(3EC 18683 EDAA)
- Thomson Multimedia Access Point # ST570 R2.0
- Thomson Multimedia Access Point # ST570 R2.0 (3EC 18883 EDAA)

- Wireless LAN PC Card Model# TMW1008
- Access Point model# TMW1003

- Toshiba Wireless LAN mini-PCI Card / PA3070U-1MPC
- Toshiba Wireless LAN PC Card / PA3064U-1PCC
- Wireless Access Point WBG-1000
- Toshiba MiniPCI Model#PA3171U-1MPC
- Toshiba Wireless Broadband Gateway model#WBG-1200
- Toshiba CF Card Model# PA3190U-1ETC
- Toshiba DOCSIS Wireless Cable Modem Gateway Model # PCX5000
- Toshiba Wireless Router Center Access Point Model# WRC-1000

TROY Wireless
- Etherwind Wireless Print Service
- Wireless PC Card Model Ethersync
- Access Point model# TROY EtherPortal

Universal Scientific Industrial
- LAN PCI Card Part# 111200
- USI 802.11b WLAN CF Card Model# 114100

Wistron NeWeb
- Acer Access Point, Warplink 2412
- Acer IEEE 802.11b WLAN PC Card Model # Warplink 2411

- Yamaha Access Point Model#RTW65b (module)
- Yamaha Access Point Model#RTW65i

- ZCom LANEscape Wireless Station Card Model# XI-300
- Model# XI-825 Compact Flash Card
- Wireless Access Point Model XI-1000
- Z-Com Wireless Access Point Model#XI-1250
- Z-Com Access Point SOHO Router model# XI-2200
- Z-Com Wireless LAN PC Card model# XI-305B
- Z-Com Wireless Mini USB Adapter model# XI-725

ZyXEL Communications Corporation
- ZyXEL ZyAIR LAN Access Point Model# B-1000
- ZyXEL ZyAIR LAN Gateway w/ 4-port switch Model# B-2000
- ZyXEL ZyAIR LAN PC Card Model# B-100

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Wi-Fi wireless LANs will be on display at COMDEX (Booth 3160), November 18-22, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

About the Wi-Fi Alliance

The Wi-Fi Alliance is a nonprofit organization formed in 1999 to certify interoperability of Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 products and to promote them as the global, wireless LAN standard across all market segments. Wi-Fi Alliance has instituted a test suite that defines how member products are tested to certify that they are interoperable with other Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ products. These tests are conducted at an independent laboratory. Membership in Wi-Fi Alliance is open to all companies that support the 802.11 family of standards. Wi-Fi Alliance now comprises over 190 members that offer over 500 Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ products from the world'­s leading companies. For more information, please visit www.wi-fi.org.