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Episode 18: How Wi-Fi® and the Wi-Fi gateway are making the smart home a reality with Lionel Gremeau of SoftatHome


Today, we are joined by Lionel Gremeau, Marketing Director at SoftAtHome, to understand the role of Wi-Fi gateways in the smart home. In this episode, Lionel discusses COVID’s impact on Wi-Fi usage, and the pandemic’s influence on the trends we are seeing now. Lionel explains how Wi-Fi 6E will fuel innovation in the smart home, allowing for higher speeds, increased virtual presences with lower latency, and the potential to revolutionize home security. Listen to this podcast to learn more about Wi-Fi’s influence on the future of smart home technology and how SoftatHome is using Wi-Fi to help invent the connected home experience of tomorrow.

SoftAtHome shines as Wi-Fi 6E deploys across Switzerland:
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