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The state of connectivity: Wi-Fi® momentum in 2024

May 30, 2024
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The first choice for connectivity

Wi-Fi® is celebrating its 25th year, and the technology remains the preferred choice for wireless connectivity a quarter century later. 4.1 billion Wi-Fi devices are forecast to ship in 2024,[1] contributing to 45.9 billion cumulative Wi-Fi shipments over the technology’s lifetime.[2] This year will also see 21.1 billion Wi-Fi devices in use[3] across multiple environments, such as smart locks and thermostats at home, cloud computing and rich telepresence in enterprise, and factory monitoring in industrial settings. 

Many countries have made 6 GHz unlicensed spectrum available for Wi-Fi, and users around the world are benefitting from the performance enhancements of this valuable band. Wi-Fi in 6 GHz, designated as Wi-Fi 6E and Wi-Fi 7, offers multigigabit data rates, deterministic latency, and increased reliability to support the stringent connectivity needs of today’s applications. And with the release of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7™ in January 2024, Wi-Fi 7 momentum continues as the new standard gains traction, providing the foundational connectivity for augmented, virtual, and extended reality (AR/VR/XR), ultra high definition video streaming, Industrial IoT, and more. These advanced applications depend on the capabilities of 6 GHz Wi-Fi, and 6 GHz device shipments are on the rise with 807.5 million predicted for 2024,[4] up 66% from 2023. 

Some additional data includes:

  • Wi-Fi 6E’s market momentum continues to climb with 576.2 million Wi-Fi 6E devices expected to ship in 2024[5]
  • 147.2 million Wi-Fi 6E access points (APs) will ship in 2024, and 23.12 million Wi-Fi 7 APs are expected to ship this year as well[6]
  • 231.4 million Wi-Fi 7 device shipments are expected in 2024, with Wi-Fi 7 device shipments accounting for 5.7% of Wi-Fi device shipments this year[7]

 Wi-Fi shipments per year since the technology’s inception[8] 

Wi-Fi device shipments by generation from 2017 – 2028[9]

Wi-Fi across market segments

The increasing user demand for reliable connectivity is not slowing down, and Wi-Fi will continue to support complex use cases across automotive, IoT, and XR in 2024 and beyond. Wi-Fi 6 enabled devices (including Wi-Fi 6E) will maintain their stronghold on IoT this year with over 47 million shipments. XR is expected to see more than 24 million Wi-Fi 6 devices shipped, and automotive is forecast to see more than 21 million Wi-Fi 6 devices shipped in 2024.[10] 

As we celebrate 25 years of Wi-Fi, we look forward to the technology’s continued impact as it provides connectivity for the advanced use cases that are quickly becoming mainstays. 6 GHz Wi-Fi — in tandem with innovations in XR, automotive, and IoT — will continue to fuel Wi-Fi’s success for years to come.


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