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Wi-Fi® is everywhere at CES

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This year, CES celebrates 50 years of bringing visionaries together to showcase the future of consumer electronics. Wi-Fi® is woven throughout the entire show in products and services that make life easier and more entertaining, and connect everyone and everything, everywhere.

A nod to CES past

The very first CES in 1967 featured audio and video equipment, including pocket radios and televisions with integrated circuits. Original exhibitors and current Wi-Fi Alliance® members, Panasonic and Motorola, were there with the latest innovations in 1960s sight and sound. The 1970s brought forth the era of the VCR, Laserdiscs, and the Atari game console, forever changing the way video content is consumed. In the 1980s, the first personal computers and mobile phones appeared at CES—predecessors to the Wi-Fi-enabled smart phones and mobile devices that are ubiquitous today.

This long-standing tradition of innovation in consumer electronics continues with several Wi-Fi Alliance member companies showing off the newest in wireless audio video (A/V) innovations. Member companies, including Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, LG, Gibson, and JVCKENWOOD will exhibit. See what they have to offer at the Las Vegas Convention Center’s North and Central Halls. Audiophiles attending CES should also be sure to visit Harmon Luxury Audio and Onkyo & Pioneer at the Venetian.

Now trending at CES 2017

Major trends showing at this year’s CES illustrate the importance of wireless connectivity in all aspects of our lives. Wi-Fi is incorporated into much of the technology strengthening our members’ product offerings, and each year we come closer to connecting everyone and everything, everywhere, through Wi-Fi.

Auto: There are many trends in the automotive industry, from autonomous driving to high-end infotainment systems and the rise in automobile hotspot capabilities. We encourage those attending CES to spend some time at the Las Vegas Convention Center to see what innovations Wi-Fi Alliance members such as Volkswagen, Ford, Toyota, Honda, and BMW have in store.

AR/VR: Several Wi-Fi Alliance members, including NVIDIA, Microsoft, Dell, and Intel plan to show the latest in their AR/VR development, also at the Las Vegas Convention Center and the Venetian. This past October, Wi-Fi Alliance announced its Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WiGig™ program, which enables high-performance and multi-gigabit speeds for high-bandwidth applications like AR/VR. On January 5th, Wi-Fi Alliance announced a new program coming soon, Wi-Fi TimeSync™, which serves as a building block for even better wireless A/V component performance.

Smart home: The growth of the Internet of Things has introduced many advancements to bring the concept of smart homes and smart cities to fruition. Wi-Fi Alliance members such as Belkin, Whirlpool, Phillips, Amazon, D-Link and iRobot exhibit smart products and speak on panels about the future of the smart home.

Over the past 50 years CES has been the show to attend for all the latest in technology and consumer electronics trends, collaborations, and partnerships. The increasing ubiquity of Wi-Fi networks and advancements to Wi-Fi capabilities are due in part to the innovators who attend CES and use Wi-Fi in their product offerings. Wi-Fi Alliance congratulates CES on its 50-year run and is proud of Wi-Fi’s growing role each year as a connectivity enabler in numerous exhibited products, as well as in discussions dedicated to bringing future innovations to life.

These Wi-Fi certification programs enable many of the innovations exhibiting at CES:

If you’re attending #CES2017, be sure to check out all the Wi-Fi Alliance member innovations throughout the show.

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