Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Vantage™ Technology Overview (2020)

Maintaining connections, reliable service delivery, and efficient spectrum resource management are the primary goals of Wi-Fi® operators. The ongoing growth of Wi-Fi data usage and the continuous increase in use of  applications that require higher bandwidth and ultra-low latency have introduced network needs that, if not met, can sometimes lead to problematic user experiences and sub-optimal Wi‑Fi network operation.

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Vantage is a Wi-Fi Alliance® certification created to ensure managed Wi-Fi network needs are met, resulting in better network operation and user experiences. Wi-Fi Vantage features are driven by the service provider community participating within Wi-Fi Alliance, consisting of Wi‑Fi industry experts with a pragmatic understanding of operator and IT manager needs. As part of this work, Wi‑Fi Alliance continually evolves the
Wi-Fi Vantage program to address the changing needs of both Wi-Fi network providers and consumers.

Addressing key Wi-Fi network needs, Wi-Fi Vantage improves network manageability, mobility, performance, and security. Wi-Fi Vantage bundles relevant Wi-Fi CERTIFIED programs focused on delivering secure, light-touch Wi-Fi network access and high-quality user experience—even as users move in and out of the network. The Wi-Fi Vantage designation makes it easy for operators and consumers to identify Wi-Fi devices that deliver the best performance in dynamic, densely populated Wi-Fi environments.

This paper discusses the certifications and technologies that are included in Wi-Fi Vantage devices and the benefits they deliver.