Wi-Fi® access to 6 GHz promotes environmental sustainability

Austin, TX and Washington, D.C. – July 31, 2023 – As policymakers around the world consider the future of the 6 gigahertz (GHz) frequency band, a new report from WIK-Consult provides clear evidence that allowing Wi-Fi® access to the entire frequency band advances environmental sustainability goals in combating climate change. The WIK-Consult study prepared for Wi-Fi Alliance® – Sustainability Benefits of 6 GHz Spectrum Policy – shows that with sufficient access to spectrum, Wi-Fi outperforms cellular networks in delivering broadband connectivity with significant reductions in energy consumption and environmental footprint.

Wi-Fi Alliance is proud to contribute this report to help countries’ ambitious aims to respond to the climate change threat. According to the WIK-Consult analysis, allowing Wi-Fi access to the entire 6 GHz frequency band in Europe would eliminate 3.2 megatons of CO2 emission per year.  Similar results can be expected in other parts of the world.

The upcoming 2023 World Radiocommunication Conference presents policymakers with a unique and compelling opportunity to leverage 6 GHz spectrum policy to enable broadband connectivity, deliver economic value, and advance environmental sustainability. Wi-Fi Alliance calls on policymakers to recognize that opening the 6 GHz band to Wi-Fi – in addition to environmental benefits – enables a wide range of new technologies and use cases, which aligns with growing broadband (e.g., fiber) deployments. Wi-Fi connectivity is versatile, extremely affordable, and compatible with existing networks that share security, management, and authentication implementations. This makes Wi-Fi an ideal “force multiplier.”

Read the full report: https://www.wi-fi.org/file/sustainability-benefits-of-6-ghz-spectrum-policy.

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