Wi-Fi Alliance® applauds Spectrum Frontiers vote to provide additional unlicensed spectrum

Austin, Texas, July 14, 2016 – Today, the United States Federal Communication Commission adopted the Spectrum Frontiers proposal to identify and open substantial amounts of high-band spectrum (known as millimeter bands) for flexible use wireless broadband. The new rules would open nearly 11 GHz of spectrum, 7 GHz of which would be dedicated to unlicensed usage. Wi-Fi Alliance® welcomes this action as a necessary step to support the rapidly growing need for high-performance connectivity, driven by the billions of Wi-Fi® devices deploying every year and users’ seemingly limitless demand for data. By doubling the amount of unlicensed high-band spectrum available, the Commission will accelerate Wi-Fi’s delivery of a projected $547 billion in economic value by 2017.

Wi-Fi has enabled significant advancements, helping to connect billions of people around the world and becoming a necessary part of everyday life as the world’s default form of connectivity to the Internet. Nearly 2.5 billion Wi-Fi devices were sold in 2015 alone, with cumulative shipments expected to reach more than 28 billion in 2020. Today, Wi-Fi hotspots number nearly 5 million worldwide and more than 450 million households around the world currently use a Wi-Fi network. Given the expected number of connected devices, it is more important than ever to establish sound spectrum policy.

With WiGig devices entering the market now, the Spectrum Frontiers action is appropriate and timely. It will hasten delivery of next-generation services such as 5G and spread the ubiquity and economic benefits of Wi-Fi products to the millimeter wave bands. 


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