The Signal

Episode 62: Wi-Fi 7 unleashes new potential across retail, enterprise, sports, and more with Nabil Bukhari of Extreme Networks

In today's episode, we're welcoming Nabil Bukhari, CTO of Extreme Networks, back to The Signal to talk about how Wi-Fi 7 empowers diverse use cases across multiple industries. Nabil discusses how Wi-Fi 7 supports the hybrid workplace and next-generation collaboration technologies. We talk about how the new standard enables retail use cases online and in-store, and how AR/VR allows retailers to serve customers shopping from home. Nabil shares that Wi-Fi 7 supports large venues like stadiums and concert halls, providing reliable connectivity that facilitates wayfinding and concession ordering, even in congested environments with thousands of users. Listen to this episode to learn more, including Nabil's thoughts on the future of connectivity. 

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