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Industry Impact award winner: Qualcomm


Wi-Fi Alliance® welcomes 2020 honorees into our Wi-Fi Alliance Hall of Fame. This series highlights the companies and individuals who have brought invaluable contributions to the Wi-Fi® industry, and have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to advancing the Wi-Fi Alliance mission to “connect everyone and everything, everywhere.” Wi-Fi Alliance recognizes Hall of Fame honorees in the following categories: Industry Impact, Mission Specialist, and Quality of Service. Read more on this year’s winners.

The Industry Impact award recognizes outstanding member companies who have provided sustained service to Wi-Fi Alliance and made significant contributions to our mission and the Wi-Fi industry over the last year. Companies receiving this year’s award have had a material impact in gaining 6 GHz unlicensed spectrum for Wi-Fi, enabling Wi-Fi 6E to become a reality.

Why does Qualcomm care about Wi-Fi?

Qualcomm is synonymous with wireless, and deservedly so given our leadership across a broad range of telecommunication technologies. This broad focus is driven by a deep understanding that expertise across a range of technologies, especially Wi-Fi, is required to meet consumer’s expectations. Wi-Fi is a core competency for anyone looking to deliver wireless innovation, and so for us, it is front and center.

What does Qualcomm see as its biggest impact on the Wi-Fi industry?

Qualcomm is very active in the definition, development, and implementation of the most advanced wireless technologies. Our approach is focused first and foremost on R&D and engineering excellence – delivering technology solutions that set the bar for feature richness and performance. Our most significant impact, however, might be our ability to apply that approach to the global marketplace at scale. We operate in a wide range of segments, delivering products and technology for networking infrastructure for homes, enterprises, stadiums, and venues, smartphones and PCs, automotive, consumer electronics, and IoT. This combination of technology leadership and market reach helps us facilitate the delivery of new and really compelling experiences very quickly – a big impact!

What is Qualcomm’s response to winning this award?

Qualcomm is humbled and appreciative of this recognition from the industry via Wi-Fi Alliance. We are grateful for our customers, partners, and even competitors within Wi-Fi Alliance, with whom we collaborate to help drive our industry forward. Most of all, this award is a recognition of our tremendous team of inventors and employees at Qualcomm, working so hard, and with such creativity and devotion.

“Wi-Fi, like water and electricity, has established to be an essential utility in our lives. Wi-Fi also is a key ingredient to equalization across the world, reaching important dimensions of people’s lives, be it education, employment, health care, entertainment, communication, security amongst other things. At Qualcomm, we are very proud to be associated with Wi-Fi in a technological leadership capacity.”

What does Qualcomm believe is one Wi-Fi technology that will change the world?

Wi-Fi 6E is a real game-changer. Spectrum is the lifeblood of any wireless technology and the allocation of new spectrum, paired with the right-minded application of the Wi-Fi 6 “toolkit”, will really help usher in a new decade of connected experiences. We’re anxious to see these capabilities made available globally.


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