Wi-Fi Alliance Hall of Fame

Wi-Fi Alliance® recognizes outstanding contributions of individuals and companies who further the innovation and development of Wi-Fi® technologies and markets. Their contributions bring
Wi-Fi Alliance closer to connecting everyone and everything, everywhere, and their dedication to advancing programs and technologies help proliferate Wi-Fi worldwide.

Wi-Fi Champion

Recognizing individuals who have made Wi-Fi a priority at their organizations, have championed availability of more unlicensed spectrum, and have been vocal in their support of Wi-Fi as a critical technology for advanced connectivity

2022Edgar Figueroa  
2020Ajit Pai  
2019Brett Guthrie
Doris Matsui
Julius Knapp
Jerry McNerney
Bob Latta
Michael O’Rielly

Industry Impact

Recognizing outstanding member companies who have provided sustained service and significant contributions to the Wi-Fi Alliance mission and the Wi-Fi industry over the last year

Hewlett Packard Enterprise
NXP Semiconductors
Broadcom Corporation
Intel Corporation
Cisco Systems

Quality of Service

Recognizing individuals demonstrating effective leadership and exemplary service to Wi-Fi Alliance and the Wi-Fi industry through active involvement in three or more programs over a period of at least five years

2021Greg Ennis  
2020Gabor Bajko
Manish Kumar
Thomas DerhamVinko Erceg
2019Carlos CordeiroChris Hartman 
2017Mark Hamilton  
2014Alan BerkemaBill Carney 
2013Hideyuki Suzuki  
2012Daniel Borges
Paul Lambert
Ian Sherlock
Clint Brown
Jouni Malinen
Graham Smith
Myron Hattig
Mike Montemurro
Dave Stephenson
2009David Cohen
Paul Feinberg
Pratik Mehta
Mike Paljug
Jim Raab
Sarosh Vesuna
Andy Davidson
Amer Hassan
Geri Mitchell-Brown
Stephen Palm
Dorothy Stanley
Frank Whetten
Rolf de Vegt
Paul Meche
Andrew Myles
Liam Quinn
Ko Tagashi


Mission Specialist

Recognizing individuals who have made exemplary contributions to Wi-Fi Alliance and its mission for at least five years, demonstrating outstanding leadership and developing significant initiatives for our organization or the Wi-Fi industry

2021Mathy Vanhoef  
2020Chuck LukaszewskiStephen OrrChris Szymanski
2019Mary Brown  
2015Tomoya Yamaura  
2013Heather Gao  
2012Dave Case
Yoshikazu Kobayashi
Matthew Gast
Bruce Kraemer
Rich Kennedy
John Roman