Leveraging Wi-Fi® for Home IoT use cases (2022)

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to objects that connect to the Internet and each other beyond the traditional computing and entertainment products that use Wi-Fi®, such as computers, smartphones, TVs, and game consoles and controllers. These IoT devices use connectivity to carry out their core functionality and are often programmed and operated by a control device such as a smartphone or voice control platform. Home IoT devices are a broad category of solutions that are in (and near) consumer residential settings — including security and lighting systems, appliances and home automation components.

Wi-Fi has broad applicability to these various Home IoT solutions. In general, Home IoT products are beginning to emerge with more screens and video capabilities. These require high bandwidth in order to provide realtime viewership and interactivity with low latency, which is optimized using Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6®. Whole-home coverage is also necessary, as mobile Home IoT products that experience lapses in coverage will stop working immediately, unable to recover and move to a better connected area. Strong connective security through Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WPA3™ ensures security of video streams, security devices, and other devices, preventing havoc that could be created by security breaches. Healthcare products that families use to ensure safety must also have reliable connectivity to prevent false alarms and dangerous situations. Due to the multitude of use cases reliant on robust connection throughout the home and to the cloud, it is imperative to leverage the latest Wi-Fi capabilities.