Wi-Fi CERTIFIED EasyMesh® Technology Overview (2024)

The increase in Wi-Fi® connected gaming and augmented reality devices has resulted in heightened demand for Wi-Fi connectivity with low latency throughout the home. In response, Wi-Fi Alliance® has introduced Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7™ for access points (APs) and clients. Yet consumers own multiple mobile devices, including Internet of Things (IoT) and smart home connected products, revealing a need to blanket the home and outdoor areas with uniform Wi-Fi coverage in the most effective way. Traditionally, home Wi-Fi deployments included a single Wi-Fi AP or router, which may or may not have fully enveloped the desired coverage area (Figure 1). The structure surroundings, such as the type of walls, floors, and wiring, can affect Wi-Fi coverage. Additionally, the growing number of connected devices and services in use brings extra traffic to Wi-Fi networks. Thus, Wi-Fi Alliance has introduced   Wi-Fi CERTIFIED EasyMesh® to support Wi-Fi 7. Increased capacity, reduced latency, easier AP placement, network configuration, and client device configuration coupled with Wi-Fi 7 features are welcome and necessary enhancements to Wi-Fi networks.