Wi-Fi CERTIFIED EasyMesh® Technology Overview (2022)

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Wi-Fi CERTIFIED EasyMesh® is a Wi-Fi Alliance® certification program that brings a standards-based approach to multiple AP home Wi-Fi networks. Built on the promise of quality and interoperability of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ programs, Wi-Fi EasyMesh extends Wi-Fi coverage and enhances performance throughout the home or small office, while allowing the addition of other Wi-Fi EasyMesh APs from a variety of vendors.

Wi-Fi EasyMesh networks utilize multiple APs that work together to ensure all areas of the home have complete Wi-Fi coverage and are able to adapt to changing network conditions to deliver a consistent, high quality user experience. The Wi-Fi EasyMesh program, based upon the Wi-Fi Alliance Wi-Fi EasyMesh Specification, leverages Wi-Fi standards and protocols to make it simple to install Wi-Fi EasyMesh networks, add new Wi-Fi EasyMesh devices, and form a unified, adaptable network that can adjust its topology and balance the load of its APs. The result is a smarter home Wi-Fi network that provides extended network coverage, increased performance, capacity, and effective throughput.