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CES 2019: Next generation Wi-Fi® front and center

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The show floor at CES includes many Wi-Fi Alliance® members and a wide range of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ devices. Follow us on Twitter at @WiFiAlliance as we share moments from the #CES2019 show floor and highlight some of the newest Wi-Fi® innovations and trends.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has served as a cornerstone event for the introduction of innovative consumer technologies for more than half a century. Wi-Fi Alliance® member products and technologies continue to be revealed at CES, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and changing the way we as a society work, play, and remain connected. Many products involving mobility and in-home conveniences—smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearables, smart appliances, home networking, and security systems—use Wi-Fi® as their backbone. The inherent strengths of Wi-Fi only continue to enable a growing range of services and increase device capabilities.

CES 2019 will reveal an array of products containing next generation Wi-Fi 6, and the next generation of Wi-Fi will be top-of-mind for device makers and consumers alike. Wi-Fi advancements expected to be featured at CES include:

  • Wi-Fi 6 products

While Wi-Fi Alliance members and CES exhibitors like Broadcom, Marvell, Ruckus and TP-Link have already announced new devices supporting Wi-Fi 6, CES will add emphasis on the next generation of connectivity with announcements and product showcases from access points to connected cars.

  • New mobile devices and 5G

As major carriers ramp up 5G network offerings, devices that will work within 5G networks will be front and center. These devices will also continue to include Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi is capable of satisfying many of these next generation use cases now. Wi-Fi and 5G will complement each other, elevating expectations for next generation connectivity. Wi-Fi Alliance members such as Boingo, Cisco, Samsung, AT&T and Verizon will take center stage at CES to discuss 5G’s role as a next generation service.

  • Smart future – devices connecting homes

As technology advances and homes become smarter, CES is the spot for manufacturers and consumers across the globe to see how Wi-Fi enabled technology will provide a simpler, but smarter way of life. Whether using a voice-assisted device, smartphone-controlled technology, or AI-powered innovations that run seamlessly in the background, Wi-Fi Alliance members of all types like Lennar, Boingo and Ford will be featured throughout the show.

As we look across the #CES2019 show floor, many of these companies implement a variety of Wi-Fi Alliance certification programs into their products, enabling higher standards of connectivity for consumers across the globe.

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ programs you can expect to see at CES this year include:

Wi-Fi Alliance has created a CES member map to help discover the greatest Wi-Fi innovations across a variety of categories at CES 2019. Have a good show!

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