Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WiGig™扩展了虚拟现实,多媒体,游戏,无线对接和需要高速度的企业应用,数据密集型连接的Wi-Fi®体验。WiGig®允许Wi-Fi设备进入拥挤的60 GHz频段宽信道以每秒千兆比特速度传输有效数据。用户受益于扩大容量和设备间集中传输而减少的干扰,即使在拥挤的环境中。

•    智能手机、笔记本电脑、投影仪和平板电脑等设备之间的无线对接
•    同时流的多个、超高清晰度的视频和电影
•    更身临其境的游戏,增强现实和虚拟现实的体验
•    快速下载高清电影
•    便利的公共服务亭服务
•    更容易处理企业带宽密集型应用


WiGig通过授权使用新的不拥挤的60 GHz频段来补充Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac双频能力。这增加了Wi-Fi网络的能力,允许非常高的传输速度。多频段的Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WiGig设备可以提供2.4, 5或 60 GHz频段的连续无缝连接传输,带来高质量的Wi-Fi体验。

Frequently Asked Questions

How is WiGig different from Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac or Wi-Fi CERTIFIED n?

WiGig is a complement to other WI-Fi CERTIFIED programs, enabling access to the 60 GHz frequency band for multi-band capability.

  • WiGig utilizes the 60 GHz radio frequency band, while 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency bands are utilized in and n implementations
  • WiGig provides a high throughput, low latency connection for devices within its range of operations
  • WiGig uses beamforming to reduce interference and increase capacity

Is WiGig available right now?

Yes, WiGig is available now. Search Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WiGig devices in our Product Finder.

What advances are enabled by Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WiGig?

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WiGig enables extremely high data rates, lower latency, and dynamic session transfer in multi-band devices. Products implementing the technology behind Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WiGig features are capable of multi-gigabit data rates up to 8 Gbps – nearly double that of devices implementing Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac features.

What applications are enabled with Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WiGig?

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WiGig handles today’s most demanding applications, like virtual reality and augmented reality, providing a more immersive user experience.  Utilizing the 60 GHz band, WiGig can offload congestion in the Wi-Fi network. Devices within a WiGig connection range can:

  • Transfer an HD movie to a tablet in a few seconds
  • Play video and mobile games in device-to-device mode with no noticeable latency
  • Stream multiple HD quality videos at one time
  • Provide home theater experiences without wires

Is WiGig for use in the enterprise?

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WiGig devices improve wireless performance in the enterprise in the following ways:

  • Wireless docking, allowing employees to complete work from a multitude of devices without the burden of a wired connection
  • More efficient in-office networking, allowing for large file transfers and bandwidth-heavy applications to run seamlessly
  • Projecting graphics, and audio to a large screen in a conference room or auditorium with very low latency

Are Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WiGig devices multi-band?

The large majority of devices containing WiGig will be multi-band, combining support for the 2.4, 5, and 60 GHz frequency bands. Users can take advantage of more demanding applications and avoid interference from other devices using WiGig. Many devices will enable seamless transition across frequency bands.

Is Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WiGig interoperable with previous versions of Wi-Fi?

Yes, multi-band Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WiGig devices are interoperable with Wi-Fi CERTIFIED products operating in the 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency bands.