Wi-Fi EasyMesh


Wi-Fi CERTIFIED EasyMesh™为实现多接入点(AP)Wi-Fi网络提供了一种基于标准的方法,既具备易用、自适应Wi-Fi的优势,又具备可互操作Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™设备导致的设备选择灵活性提高的优势。Wi-Fi EasyMesh™网络运用一起运行的多个接入点形成一个统一的网络,提供全面覆盖室内和室外空间的、智能高效的Wi-Fi。

Wi-Fi Easy Mesh安装和使用都很简便。网络设置和设备入网仅需最低限度的用户干预。网络连接一旦建立,网络就进行自我监控,以确保优化的性能。Wi-Fi EasyMesh利用Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Agile Multiband™提供的机制,将设备引导到能为其提供最佳服务的AP上。Wi-Fi EasyMesh网络还可基于变化的条件修改网络结构,以提供一致的体验。

Wi-Fi EasyMesh为住宅和办公Wi-Fi网络提供以下益处:

  • 灵活设计:允许以最佳方式放置多个AP,以提供更大的覆盖范围;
  • 易于设置:支持设备自动入网及配置;
  • 网络智能性:自我组织和自我优化的网络,可收集信息,并响应网络条件的变化,以最大限度提高性能;
  • 有效的负载均衡:指导设备漫游到最佳连接上,避免干扰;
  • 可扩展性:允许增加来自多个厂商的Wi-Fi EasyMesh AP。


人们在家中越来越依靠Wi-Fi实现设备互连、提供数据流传送服务,这就需要更加智能的、覆盖范围更大和覆盖一致的Wi-Fi网络。Wi-Fi EasyMesh产品提供的网络覆盖范围全面,能够以最低限度的用户干预智能地管理资源,可同时惠及消费者和服务提供商。Wi-Fi EasyMesh技术是高度可扩展的,使用户能够在需要的地点简便地增加无线AP。Wi-Fi EasyMesh网络以Wi-Fi CERTIFIED的承诺为基础,容许在更多可互操作的、不同品牌的设备中进行选择。

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Wi-Fi EasyMesh?

    Wi-Fi EasyMesh is a certification program that defines multiple access point home and small office Wi-Fi networks that are easy to install and use, self-adapting, and add multi-vendor interoperability. This technology brings both consumers and service providers additional flexibility in choosing Wi-Fi EasyMesh devices for home deployment.

    Wi-Fi EasyMesh uses a controller to manage the network, which consists of the controller plus additional APs, called agents. Establishing controllers to manage and coordinate activity among the agents ensures that each AP does not interfere with the other, bringing both expanded, uniform coverage and more efficient service.

  • How is Wi-Fi EasyMesh different from other mesh networks?

    Wi-Fi EasyMesh removes the need to stay within a single-vendor ecosystem to provide the benefits of multiple AP (also called “mesh”) networks. Using standardized technology gives service providers and consumers more choice and flexibility.

  • Which generation of Wi-Fi technology does Wi-Fi EasyMesh support?

    Wi-Fi EasyMesh supports Wi-Fi 4 and Wi-Fi 5. Members can view the Wi-Fi EasyMesh program requirements and test plan for more details. To become a member, visit our membership page.

  • What is the difference between Wi-Fi EasyMesh and Wi-Fi Home Design?

    The goal of both certification programs is to provide better Wi-Fi user experience and extended coverage in home networks. These two programs complement each other – a Wi-Fi Home Design floorplan could employ a Wi-Fi EasyMesh network. The difference is that Wi-Fi Home Design helps identify the best locations for each AP in a home whereas Wi-Fi EasyMesh defines the protocols used for intra-AP communication to establish a smart, self-forming network.

  • What other backhaul link technologies will Wi-Fi EasyMesh work with?

    Wi-Fi EasyMesh networks enable the use of other connectivity technologies supported by the IEEE 1905.1 protocol.