Wi-Fi Agile Multiband

Wi-Fi Agile Multiband


Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Agile Multiband™为更好地管理Wi-Fi网络环境提供了方便,并使Wi-Fi设备能够更好地响应不断变化的Wi-Fi网络条件。更高的资源利用率有助于均衡Wi-Fi网络负载、扩大容量并为最终用户提供最佳Wi-Fi体验。手机、智能电视机、平板电脑等客户端设备能够与基础设施设备交换信息,以:

  • 应用智能接入点(AP)、频段和信道选择决策;
  • 避免在拥挤的频段或接入点内部出现争抢资源的问题;
  • 甚至对要求严格的语音和视频应用而言,也能够最大限度减少服务中断;
  • 无论Wi-Fi环境如何变化,都能够提供高质量服务。

Wi-Fi Agile Multiband™ 有助于高效使用多个频段,包括2.4 GHz、5 GHz和6 GHz,并包括更好地管理频谱和网络资源、平衡网络负载、增强移动中网络切换能力和提供最佳用户体验的机制:





Wi-Fi Agile Multiband是一种基于标准的技术,可横跨多种厂商的设备改善网络管理。

  • IEEE 802.11k:使接入点和客户端设备能够交换有关Wi-Fi环境的信息;
  • IEEE 802.11v:通过网络信息影响客户端设备漫游决策,为整体改进网络提供方便;
  • IEEE 802.11u:允许客户端设备与其他网络建立连接之前先收集信息;
  • IEEE 802.11r:在Wi-Fi网络内部的接入点之间快速切换(可选);
  • Wi-Fi Alliance定义的技术:补充所交换的信息,确定首选信道、频段或接入点,以增强智能Wi-Fi网络管理。

Wi-Fi Agile Multiband是一套技术,极大的改善了用户在管理网络中的体验,同时也是Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Vantage™认证计划的关键组件。Wi-Fi Vantage™设备具备巧妙的身份认证、Wi-Fi Agile Multiband更好的资源管理、企业级安全性和高性能的Wi-Fi等优势,可在富有挑战性的网络环境中提供更好的用户体验。


  • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Vantage™

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Wi-Fi Agile Multiband device help the user experience?

Wi-Fi Agile Multiband devices enable the exchange of information. This exchange enables access points (APs) to guide client devices toward the best Wi-Fi environment for that device. In addition to steering client devices to another AP that is underutilized, APs can steer clients to other, less congested frequency bands or channels. The result is a more balanced network which in turn improves performance and user experience.

Don’t devices already do this?

Many device makers and operating systems vendors do employ some of these capabilities. However, Wi-Fi Agile Multiband is standards-based, ensuring interoperability across vendors.

How do 802.11k and 802.11r contribute to reduced latency in Wi-Fi Agile Multiband enabled networks?

Both technologies reduce the time it takes a client to roam between APs in the same network.

  • 802.11k reduces roaming time by allowing the client to rapidly determine which AP it should roam to next so when the client is ready to roam, it has a better idea of where to roam.
  • 802.11r also enables faster roaming by allowing encryption keys to be stored on network APs so the client does not need to perform the complete authentication process every time it roams to a new AP within the network.

What is the difference between fast transitioning offered by Wi-Fi Optimized Connectivity and that offered by Wi-Fi Agile Multiband?

Both enable faster roaming. Wi-Fi Agile Multiband uses Fast Basic Service Set (BSS) Transition Management (also known as FT). FT functions within the same Wi-Fi network (Extended Service Set, ESS), while Wi-Fi Optimized Connectivity utilizes Fast Initial Link Setup (FILS) Authentication to enable fast authentication within the same network, or two different networks.

What are some consumer applications for Wi-Fi Agile Multiband?

Wi-Fi Agile Multiband is for any Wi-Fi device because it enables more intelligent use of Wi-Fi network resources to help the device maintain the best connection – whether the device is moving throughout a Wi-Fi network or resides in a specific location. Tablet users walking through an office environment or home with multiple access points (APs) will connect to the APs that provide the best connection. Smart TVs can ensure that HD video streaming works seamlessly by moving to 5 GHz if the 2.4 GHz band becomes congested. Smart appliances, gaming systems, and more can benefit from the ability to monitor the Wi-Fi environment and move to new APs or frequencies when interference or congestion occurs.